How to Change the Number in WhatsApp? Do You Lose Contacts?

How to Change the Number in WhatsApp? Do You Lose Contacts?Most of us are already quite familiar with WhatsApp on the mobile. Its very simple to use: you download the application from the Play Store or the App Store, enter your phone number, confirm your phone, and then you can switch messages with your contacts over your mobile or wireless internet the appliance. It is possible to make voice calls and exchange audio messages through WhatsApp as well.

Change number in WhatsApp: does it give a problem?

Let’s say you changed your cell phone number and decided to use another SIM card in your phone. In Brazil this has become rarer, with the rules for the portability of the cell phone number , but there are still situations in which the number change may occur. People who want to get away from an old life, who wants to start a new life, who is going abroad and wants to use a carrier SIM card out there ( much cheaper than international calls , by the way). In these situations all, how’s your WhatsApp?

If you do not change the application settings, you will be left without receiving messages and updates from your contacts. After all, WhatsApp will be tied to your old number and not your current number. It will not be any problem to make the change, just follow some basic steps, but let’s clear up some doubts before.

If I change WhatsApp’s number do I lose my conversations?

No. All current WhatsApp settings will be kept the same as the settings for the old number.

Change WhatsApp number lose my contacts?

Neither. Only the WhatsApp number linked to your account will be modified ..

Sign in to WhatsApp with another number

Open WhatsApp and touch the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. Choose Settings and on the next screen, choose Account. Choose Change Number and tap Forward in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter the number of your old phone and then the number of your new phone by clicking Finish to save the information.

See how simple it is? Do not forget to protect your cell phone against spies and hackers , or your information passed on to applications such as WhatsApp may still be intercepted.

Did you have a problem with the number change, or did everything go well? Leave in your comments your questions and suggestions!