How to Charge Your Phone or Tablet Faster? On the PC and USB Socket!

Finishing the battery of a smartphone or tablets is a first-world problem that we will all go through. We can, however, expedite the recharge of our devices to take advantage of the technology again, and only worry again when we have to recharge the battery. It’s not difficult to load faster, and it will not take many complicated steps on your part.

How to Charge Your Phone or Tablet Faster? On the PC and USB Socket!

How to make your phone load faster: airplane mode

The easiest way to speed up the charging process is to switch your phone to Airplane mode before plugging in the charger. What this means is that you will turn off all forms of device connection, including mobile internet and WiFi. You will also not be able to receive calls, your Bluetooth will be disabled, and you will not be able to use GPS. Even cell phones with great batteries can use airplane mode to improve battery life.

To turn on airplane mode, simply open the notifications on your smartphone or press the power button until the options appear. Among them, there will be airplane mode. You can also go to Settings / Settings and turn on airplane mode on your smartphone. You will have confirmation that airplane mode was triggered when you see the symbol of an airplane near the battery symbol of your smartphone.

With airplane mode enabled, basically, you can only use your smartphone offline, but it will greatly expedite the loading, especially in emergency situations.

Load cell phone faster via USB or wall charger?

When it comes to charging your smartphone or tablet, original wall chargers that come alongside your device are ideal. Wall chargers have stronger amperage than USB ports on your laptop or computer, and a charger produced by the manufacturer of your phone will work better than a generic or pirate charger. Also be warned that chargers that do not have an INMETRO seal can even damage your device.

Therefore, to charge faster, use the wall charger. If your iPhone’s USB cable or cable is not long enough, just buy a larger one as long as it’s from the same manufacturer as your device.

Use apps to help you charge your phone faster

Many applications continue to work even after you stop using them, or when you lock your phone. That’s why some apps available from the Play Store or the App Store help close these apps for you. They are applications that save the battery of the smartphone and also reduce the brightness of the screen, one of the biggest villains of the cell phone battery . Use one of these apps before you put the device to charge and it will help make your smartphone use fewer features during charging, so you can finalize faster.

Faster mobile phone charging with new technologies

You should definitely not buy adapters and accessories that promise to charge your device faster. These adapters are sure to damage your device. However, you can buy a more modern smartphone  that supports extra fast charging. These features greatly reduce the load time, but are generally only available on top-of-the-line smartphone manufacturers.

Beware of the smartphone battery!

While all these tips are designed to help you speed up the charging of your device when you are in a hurry, it is not recommended to do this every day. Overall, slow and steady charging is much better for the battery life of the smartphone.

Do you have any strategy to charge your smartphone faster? Which? Ever had a problem on your heels to charge your smartphone?