How to Decrease the Data Consumption of the Mobile?

If you are on a limited mobile data plan, the more you can save on the consumption of information by your handset, the better. Just combine the change of habits with some additional settings on your smartphone or tablet, and you’ll be fine to go.

How to Decrease the Data Consumption of the Mobile?

What is mobile data on mobile?

Just to clarify a common question: mobile data is the name given to the internet connection of the mobile phone with the telephone operator. It is the exchange of information, of data packets between your mobile and the carrier. This, in turn, charges for this exchange a monthly fee that limits a monthly amount of data that can be used or a specific speed of access to that data. When you exceed limits established by the operator, there may be a limitation on the speed of the internet or the charging of extra fees for the data used.

Reduce data consumption: use WiFi whenever possible

Instead of using your carrier’s mobile data plan, use a WiFi connection from your home or for free. Applications such as Mandic Magic can even find wireless and shared networks near where you are, giving you a great choice to reduce data consumption .

To connect to a wireless network safely, be sure to install an antivirus and protect your cell phone against spies and hackers , especially if the wireless network is public.

To connect to a wireless network (without using apps), Android and iOS users should open the Settings / Settings notifications menu, and turn on the WiFi / Wireless connections option. The device will show the available wireless networks. Choose a reliable wireless network and enter the password.

Data consumption monitoring application

By monitoring your franchise data, you can better control your consumption. You can access the data monitor through Settings -> Connections -> Data usage on Android devices. In this option, you can set a mobile data consumption limit. You can see the consumption for each Android application, which gives you a very detailed idea of ​​how to change your habits to reduce data consumption

For Apple devices, you need to go to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Mobile usage, seeing the amount of data that was sent and received, but not per application.

In either case, you can also download an app from one of the official app stores to monitor data consumption, including alerts when you get an X value of data for a month. These applications also suggest changes in habits that help improve data consumption.

Operating system consuming data: disable push content

Push content is the data sent automatically to your phone without you sending any request to the device. This will consume a certain amount of data, nothing too excessive, but may accumulate over time.

On Android, under Settings, simply go to the data usage menu and turn off push content or activate content so that it fires only when you request it. You can do this by application. Another way to change this type of setting is in the Accounts or Settings -> Accounts and Synchronization option.

On Apple devices, go to Settings -> Notifications. Mobile data can also be turned off in specific features in Settings / Settings -> General -> Mobile.

Control your data on mobile with less streaming

Streaming video and audio consumes lots of mobile data.  An hour of watching high definition videos (a serial episode or half a movie) can consume up to two gigabytes of data. This is more than many basic data plans offer for an entire month of use. And even reducing the quality of video or audio, data consumption is significant.

Our advice here is to let video streaming to wireless networks, not to a mobile data connection. Audio, until there is not much problem.

Use a lower speed mobile data network to discourage consumption

When you have the best connection available , you will consume more. But if you change the connection speed settings of your device, it will result in a lower power consumption. Simply, for example, choose to use a type of mobile data network of inferior technology to the one you have (Example: use 3G instead of 4G, 2G instead of 3G, etc).

On Android devices, go to Settings -> Connections -> More networks -> Mobile Networks -> Bandwidth selection. The current selection is the fastest, and the other selections will be the slowest. Return to automatic when you want to remove the speed control.

If you have an iOS device, the steps are easier. Just go to Settings / Settings -> Mobile and disable the LTE option.

Did these tips help you reduce your data consumption, or do you keep cracking down on data? Are there any other strategies to reduce the consumption of data that you use that we leave out?