How to Delete all Data from Your Mobile?

Will sell your device, donate, exchange for a new one, lost your device, or simply want to try to improve the performance of your phone. Knowing how to erase your device data completely prevents sensitive information from falling into the hands of others. Deleting them is simpler than you could imagine.

How to Delete all Data from Your Mobile?

How to erase data from your phone: microSD card

The first part to be erased must be the microSD card. Always start by backing up the information on the card, whether using a cloud storage service  (Google Photos, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.), or removing the microSD card and transferring the files to a computer with an adapter. Remember that to remove the microSD safely, it is necessary to turn off the mobile phone and remove the microSD.

Backed up, there are two ways to clean the microSD card:

  • By mobile: Go to Settings -> Storage. Touch SD card and turn off. Confirm by entering your password or unlock code to confirm
  • From the computer: If you have connected your SD to the computer, open the “My Computer” menu or the drive corresponding to your SD in the operating system. Right-click and choose the “Format” option. Select the “complete formatting” option and click “OK”, and “OK” on the confirmation screen to erase the data.

Back up phone data before erasing everything

Even if you are deleting a mobile phone remotely , you need to ensure that your information is backed up before deleting data remotely. This means signing in to Google / Gmail or iCoud / iTunes and verifying that your contacts, calendar, and sensitive information are all there. If they are not and your phone has been stolen, there is not much to do, but if you still have your device, you can do the following with the device connected to a wireless network:

  • On Android: open settings -> backup and reset. Turn on the option to back up my data. Then tap back and go to the accounts option in the settings. Go to your Google account. Touch it and make sure that all service sync is active. The same account procedure (tap the account and check the sync) should be performed for other apps that need synchronization.
  • On iOS: go to Settings and tap iCloud. Touch backup and activate the service. Touch backup now.

You can use iTunes to back up Apple devices to computers, or an Android backup program for your PC. Cloud service, however, is more practical and simple to do. Other individual applications may require specific programs to back up saved settings, preferences, and chats, for example. On Android, you can use Titanium Backup and Helium to make these backups. On the iPhone, the iCloud backup itself does all that work.

How to delete data from your phone: everything!

If you have come down here in a hurry, go back to the beginning and read it all over again. What no one wants is to delete files and then forget that they did not back up important information. Take it easy on that nervous finger to erase your data, okay? Only the microSD card is safest to delete, and even then you saw that we backed it up before. So now, let’s get going.

On Android, a simple reset to factory settings will erase your data, but they can be easily retrieved. So before you do this, you have to ensure the security of your information if your device offers this option.

  1. Go to Settings -> Security
  2. Turn on the encrypt phone option. It may not work the first time, and a second attempt may be required. It takes a long time to finish.

This process will protect your data. No one said that the security of your personal information was easy . Made the encryption, comes the easy part

  1. Go to Settings -> Backup and reset.
  2. Touch restore factory defaults. Check all the options, remembering that it is important to have already backed up the device.
  3. Confirm the procedure and wait. The device will reboot and return to the screen as if it was the first Android configuration .

In iOS, the procedure:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap General -> Reset -> Delete Content and Settings
  3. Enter your passcode and tap delete

Delete mobile data remotely

By having a device stolen or lost, even erasing your data, they can be recovered if they do not have encryption. It is therefore important to record an Occurrence Bulletin, notify your operator, and follow all these procedures so that you do not have a headache later. It is also important to lock the device’s IMEI to prevent it from being used on any mobile network.

That said, to remotely delete Android devices, access the Device Manager , preferably from an anonymous tab of your browser. Select the lost device and you’ll see the location of the device, which you can share with the responsible authorities. You can choose to lock and clear, and the option to delete, to clear the data remotely.

For iOS devices, go to iCloud  and scroll to iPhone, tap All devices and select the ones you want to delete. Enter the Apple ID password.