How to Increase the Range of WiFi and Improve the Signal on Android?

The quality of a cell phone’s WiFi signal can be influenced by a number of factors, from the amount of walls in a home to the number of electrical devices that are connected at the same time. So the better the reach and signal quality of your Android smartphone or tablet, the better the quality of your device’s internet, as it will be better able to overcome those obstacles.

How to Increase the Range of WiFi and Improve the Signal on Android?

Improving Android WiFi is something simple, which may require just a few steps on your part.

Raise Android WiFi reception with app

An app can and should be the first choice for the best WiFi signal from your Android phone or tablet. There are many options available, and the best are those that have the most downloads in the Play Store.

The use of the application is simple, and we’ll explain with WiFi Booster & Analyzer as an example: download the application and open it on your Android device, already connecting to the wireless network . A graph will appear, showing the signal strength in relation to time, as well as some information about your wireless network.

Once the signal is analyzed, you can make the automatic enhancement, in the option available in the application, or manual. The automatic will set everything up automatically, and the manual tends to provide one or two simple tips, such as moving to a location with a better WiFi signal or rebooting the WiFi device to improve the connection. It pays to use the two options for an overall improvement in connection (use the automatic option and the manual option).

Increase WiFi reach on Android’s net: upgrade your system

Android is an operating system just like Windows and Linux. And like these two operating systems, it also gets constant updates . In these updates, developers take advantage to improve many aspects of the hardware of the device, including the signal reception quality. Keeping your phone up to date is a great way to ensure a good WiFi signal on your phone.

Improve WiFi on Android by changing some settings on the device

These are settings that are not always on display, but are there for those who want to try to improve their wireless connection a little more.

On your Android device, open Settings -> WiFi / Wireless -> Advanced. Check the option to avoid bad connections. When the device searches for new WiFi connections, it will prevent bad connections by improving the signal from your Android.

Another useful tip is to forget old connections because your Android device may be trying to connect to those networks with a bad connection. It may even be bad for your security to  keep these old networks active. To forget an old connection on your Android device, go to Settings -> WiFi -> Saved / stored networks. Tap the old connection you want to remove and select the forget this network option.

Improve your Android connectivity using accessories

Even the best Android devices can not beat certain physical obstacles, such as a very large house, or an apartment with many walls and curves. Not even a good placement of the antennas of a router can save you. That’s why wireless signal repeaters, both models scattered around the house to repeat the signal from your router or modem, and antenna models that can be connected to Android devices, are great options to improve WiFi signal reception “If you need to improve the WiFi signal of your Android device outside the home, it’s good to have a dedicated WiFi antenna for your Android device, not the repeaters.

Position yourself well to have a good WiFi signal on your Android

In the end, even with all the accessories, or even if you have a high-end smartphone or tablet , it’s important that you have a good positioning to get the best wireless signal possible. Simple tips for the wireless signal: wireless signal does not curve, does not handle well with walls, pipes, wiring, and nor with other electronic devices.