How to Make the Headset Sound Louder?

Headphones may be low for a variety of reasons. Before you go shopping and possibly ruining your cell phone, let’s go to the simplest solutions, which can save you from certain frustrations and increase the volume of your handset as much as possible.

How to Make the Headset Sound Louder?

Making the headset louder on the phone: basic issues

A headset may be low because:

Device where the handset is connected has a volume limiter so as not to impair your hearing.

Volume has been changed without you noticing, either by changing the device itself or by controlling the volume of the device.

Headphone jack is dirty or poorly connected.

Headphone is defective or with some kind of bad contact.

Earphone is of poor quality .

For all of these problems, there is some kind of solution, though some solutions may involve some costs for the owner of the headphones. Let’s talk about them.

How to increase the volume of the headset: from the phone or PC, applications

Just one special thing: applications that turn headset volume up are a good solution for all of the above. However, these applications may distort sound slightly, or they may increase the volume of the application to a level that will damage the headphones. You can use it, but with caution.

Leave the headset higher: phone settings

With the headset connected to the device, simply tap the volume up button and you will bring up a volume menu of the device. It’s that simple. Another way to set the volume is by touching Settings / Adjustments -> Sounds, usually. In some cases, you may have placed your phone in a lower sound profile. You can see this in the notifications or by pressing and holding the button to turn on your device, and see which profile is triggered. The “silent” and “airplane mode” profiles generally lower the headphone volume.

Phone connector / bad or poorly connected earphone and defective headphones

Check the connector and dock of the headset. Of a good blown and cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Use a needle, carefully, to wipe inside the connector. Plug in the headset again and insert a song to play by moving the connector while the music plays. If there are very large variations in the song (it stops suddenly, “chewed” in the song, etc.), it may be that the connector is defective. If the music stops playing completely at certain positions of the connector or the wire, it is a clear signal of bad contact, and it will be necessary to repair the headset or to replace it.

The same goes for headphones that feature old wires, which show clear signs of wear, bare, etc. In such cases, if it is a cheap headset, it is better to replace it than to make a repair.

Buy a headset with dedicated volume

When your headset does not have dedicated volume control, it does not have a driver that allows you to turn up the volume  beyond what your phone system allows. Even if it is a medium-quality headset, when it has a dedicated volume control, it will have a volume higher than a headset without this type of control.

Buy a pocket amp

To process the sound, the headset has several “translators”, called drivers. A pocket amplifier has several such drivers, only dedicated, when often the headphones do not have all the drivers they need to deliver audio with fidelity and good volume. A pocket amplifier improves the sound quality and increases the final volume, providing a better experience.

Replace your headset for a louder sound

Sound high and quality, no use, it is something that you will have to shell out for more money. A good headset, which delivers sound fidelity and will have a good durability has an approximate cost of half a minimum wage. It seems expensive, but it is a type of handset that if well chosen, lasts for more than 5 years, up to more than a decade in some cases, while lower quality headphones last only a few months. It pays to pay more, as is the case with some high-end smartphones .

Headphones are a very developed technology and that by their great advancement, it is guaranteed that they will not become obsolete anytime soon. Prefer to invest in a good pair of headphones than spend hours breaking your head on how to increase the volume of your headphones.

It may be your device’s fault

In the latter case, your device may be responsible for the low volume of the headset. It may be due to the quality of the device, an operating system that is not up to date , a hardware defect, too many installed applications, full memory, etc. Test the handset on other devices to confirm this.