How to Measure Distances with Google Maps for Android

The function rule for measure distances He has returned to Google Maps After disappearing a couple a few years ago. In the new version offline we can finally measure the distance between various points on a map from our Android devices.

In this way, now with Google Maps for Android We can measure the straight-line distance between two cities, the dimensions of any land or the kilometers of any street or trail.

Measure distances between multiple points

Measure the distance between two or more points on the map It is very simple. We just have to do a press long for Add a red marker. This marker will be the starting point of the measurement. Once created the marker we have that slide up the site’s name card to see all the options. There you will find the option to measure distance.

To measure the distance and just we have to move the map so the black circle is at the point that we want to measure. At the bottom of the map, we will see the total distance. If you want to add several points just have to touch the sign + blue to add points.

If we are wrong to add the last point we can delete it with the option to undo. If you want to delete hit all the points we can go to Menu > delete.