How to Print from Mobile to Direct Printer?

Printing documents directly from your smartphone or tablet can be one of the most convenient ways to enhance your personal productivity or convert photos into beautiful keepsakes to spread throughout your home. It can also be a nice way to share files for those who prefer to read physical texts rather than digital media, or need a physical copy of a file on the internet.

How to Print from Mobile to Direct Printer?

Nowadays, the configuration of the printing of files directly from the cell phone has become even easier. These are applications from smartphone manufacturers, printer manufacturer applications, and third-party applications available to suit a variety of needs. It is practical for all tastes. You can even print directly from the cloud . Let’s go to the options available.

How to print from mobile to printer: manufacturer’s applications

As more people are using a mobile device as their primary means of accessing the digital world, many leading printer manufacturers (such as HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Samsung) already offer free downloadable applications that allow mobile printing. Simply download the application directly on the mobile phone by typing the name of the printer manufacturer and “printing application”.

Setting up mobile printing with manufacturer applications

The step-by-step setup for printing from the mobile phone and the applications of the printer manufacturers is as follows:

  • Download the manufacturer’s application and open it on your device.
  • Turn on your printer and connect to your home network. Generally, only wireless or Bluetooth printers are compatible with applications, but it may be that a printer connected to a network is compatible with the application.
  • In the application, find the printer to synchronize between the devices. This step is not present on all handsets, some jump right to the next step.
  • Choose a photo or document and tap the share or print option. Choose the printer application and begin printing.

If you are going to buy a printer that will be used with many tablets and cell phones, you should ensure that it is compatible with these devices before you make the purchase .

Print from phone using the internet: cloud applications

Cloud computing services such as Google Cloud Print, Dropbox, OneDrive can make the printing process a lot easier. The principle is simple: you download the application on your phone and download the corresponding application on your browser or computer. From the phone, you choose the file or photo you want to print. On your computer, the application will ask for a print confirmation, and will send the print to your printer, connected to the computer. The procedure may be slightly different depending on the application, but it does not vary much.

Printing from mobile phone via email

Many major printer manufacturers, such as HP, Epson and Canon, also offer the ability to print remotely simply by sending files to an e-mail address associated with a specific printer. You will need to check the manufacturer’s manual or website for more information about how to configure these services on selected devices connected to the Internet. It is usually an option within the printer menu, which you must select and configure an email to receive the messages.

Using your phone to send the print

Many phones already have native direct-to-print support. The printer, however, must be compatible to receive impressions, preferably with wireless connectivity or Bluetooth. Just select the file or photo and select the print option, when available.

Other print options from your phone

You can save the files and send them to your computer , and from the computer you print them. You can use your own email application on your mobile phone and send an email with attached files and then download the files to your computer.

The options are diverse and surely one of them will answer you. If you still can not print from your phone, leave us your questions and we’ll help you!