How to Protect the Data on Your Smartphone

Although it may sound none: who is constantly connected to their Smartphone with the Internet, has mostly not in full control of his data. Fortunately, you can change it:
Who wants to protect the data on his smartphone from prying third parties, should switch off first of all the location in his device. About GPS, Wi-Fi and the cellular network, third parties can namely at any time find out where is a Smartphone – and thus also be owner – just keeps on and store this information. The magazine “Chip” advises who does not want it should turn off the location service in his Smartphone in their issue 11/13.

It is also safer when it enters its sensitive data such as user name and passwords while surfing the Smartphone only on pages secured with HTTPS (HTTPS is then left in the browser). You can encrypt their E-mail on the phone about the S/MIME standard – smartphones are equipped with the Windows phone operating system, this is not about. However, all mobile phones, including the models equipped with Windows phone, can be retrofitted via app with the PGP E-mail encryption system. On encryption you should take care especially when you surf on the open wireless network, because there can the experts by chip according to content easily with be cut.
Another tip: should better give you upload on the confidential data, photos, devices backups and documents on the server by cloud providers, the data are not really sure. Who wants to create a secure and complex passwords for his cell phone, could this with apps like KeePass or LasPass. This however, you should know that these passwords – while – are encrypted on the servers of the provider of the software, if you has enabled the comfortable synchronization of passwords for multiple devices and browsers for this or other apps in the settings. Have fun after securing your smartphones!