How to Recover Lost Contacts from the Phone?

Losing contacts on your smartphone can happen because of a system crash, a battery that you hooked up, a phone that rebooted at the wrong time, a list of contacts that did not have the up-to-date backup in the cloud. The list is huge. Instead of listing the reasons, it’s best to list the solutions to recover the lost contacts on your phone.

How to Recover Lost Contacts from the Phone?

How to recover lost contacts on Android?

When you accidentally delete or lose contacts on your Android device, the contacts are not completely deleted. Instead, they are kept in a temporary high school, waiting for replacement by new contacts. The same goes for any file you delete on your Android phone or tablet.

To improve your chances of recovering lost contacts on your Android device, it is advisable not to use your device as soon as you realize that you no longer have the contacts on your list.

Download a program to recover lost contacts on Android

You will need to download the Android Contacts Recovery program on your PC (Android Contacts Recovery). This same program can also be used to recover photos and videos. Unfortunately it’s not compatible with all Android devices.

Connect your Android device to your computer

You need to connect your Android device to the computer where you downloaded the program by enabling the “USB debugging” option on your Smartphone. Do this by going to Settings, Applications, tap “Programmer Options” and then check the “USB Debugging” option.

Review your Android device

Using the program, search for your Android device, and wait for full review of it. Wait for the search process to complete then authorize when the program requests authorization.

Viewing and restoring lost contacts on Android

Once the entire device is scanned, it will begin to recover everything that has been lost. You can choose what you want to restore, including SMS messages, saving to your computer and then enabling restore to your Android device.

How to recover lost contacts on iPhone?

Install the iPhone data recovery program. Then connect your iPhone to your computer and click the recovery mode button to search your iPhone or iPad for the lost contacts. After the search is finished, the program shows a list of contacts and messages that have been accidentally deleted or deleted. Choose the ones you want to restore and click the retrieve button.

Other ways to recover lost contacts from your phone

If you’ve already set up your Google account  on your phone (both Android and iOS), simply go to the Google Contacts site  and you’ll probably have all the contacts you’ve lost there. Then just connect your smartphone to a wireless network and sync with your Google account, and your contacts will come back again. Open your contacts application on your smartphone to make sure it’s synced to your Google account (open the app and go to settings -> accounts, usually).

On iPhones you can use iTunes to try to recover contacts from your smartphone. For this, however you will have to have previously connected your iPhone to your computer via iTunes, and backed up.

Remember: none of the methods ensures that you will recover all the contacts and messages. So it’s always best to keep your phone always with a ready backup, and Google accounts, iTunes, and more synchronized services.