How Will Android-Apps Work on Chromebooks

Google’s operating system for laptops and desktops get many new opportunities with the integration of Google’s Play Big. Watch them unfold here.

A little app will soon open a huge universe of possibilities on Google’s platform for mobile: Google’s Play store.

This follows the whole Android-universe millions of apps, which multiplies the possibilities for laptops based on the simple and secure ChromeOS.

Installation and dismantling of games and apps work as in Android, with full support for both features and notifications. Certain features require, however, that your chrome device has a touch screen.

Working liquid

Games like Clash of Clans, Need for Speed or Hearthstone works all as they should be, and in the demo runs 3-d games on fluent and convincing show.

View the presentation from Google’s i/o developer exhibition downstairs. The actual introduction starts about 5-minute mark and the actual demo starts at 6:30.

To get the whole Android ecosystem to ChromeOS is a giant orange in the turban of Chromebooks there so far has been restricted by their limited app selection.

Thus, Google is better equipped to threaten the dominance of Microsoft Windows in laptop and desktop world. In 2015-drawn Chrome operating system for only 2.8 percent of the global market – a gain of 50 percent compared to the year before.