HP Pro Slate 8 in the Test

There is a stylus for the HP Pro slate 8. He writes on the screen as well as on paper. On the Tablet, the entries in the test are digitized immediately.

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Thin tip pen or simple stylus with rubber cap: some can handle it well, others wrangle with the whole handling of the Tablet and find no favor even on fine special pins. For those who are so even not make friends with the writing on the screen want, quite what fine has developed HP: The Pro slate 8 allows the choice between Tablet and normal Writing block during the writing and sketching with corresponding PIN.

What is brought to paper, lands immediately identical on the Tablet where it is digitized and stored. Are you like that? Ultrasound. Five additional microphones in the Tablet received tones with which the pen indicates its movement in a frequency range that is not audible to humans.

Inputs on the Tablet

For this purpose, the mine employed in the stylus has two ends: so it writes itself with the soft top on the display of the Pro slate 8 f56. Also user like Microsoft one note register differences in setting up the stylus and convert the pressure according to different weights. You pull out the mine from the stylus and she resumes turned 180 degrees, the stylus into a nearly normal ballpoint pen.

The ultrasonic transmitter translated the motion for the Tablet into sound signals in the body of the pen. That worked so well in the test, that hope remains that HP fixes a few weaknesses: so the ultrasonic technique only in conjunction with specific apps such as HP, Kingsoft Office, and Corel Painter mobile, that all three are already installed on the Pro slate 8 works. Graphic designers can thus draw on plain paper and digital experience the result of their work without additional intermediate steps on the tablet.

Stylus pen


  • Active stylus & ballpoint pen
  • Digitizing the inputs on paper
  • different pressures possible (only on screen)
  • Button function (only on screen) for software-related additional
  • good implementation of the input
  • Sleep mode is a
  • LED for battery condition
  • Recharge via micro-USB


  • dual use requires implementing the mine
  • No tablet pen accommodation
  • Housing and Cap from insert Plastic

Pen input in practice

This exclusivity is nevertheless a limitation. After could be moved through the motions on the paper in direct connection to work with HP notes of also the homescreen the ultrasound technique could be probably even more deeply integrate into the system. Also worked the input in the test only if the paper on the left side of the tablet was; right, the PIN was not detected. A page specification according to HP while is not, however, the observation from the Germany headquarters in Boblingen, Germany was confirmed to connect.

However, it is obvious that the paper must not be moved during the writing process because otherwise also, the lines in the digital document somewhere else would continue.

Optional paper Folio

The HP paper Folio that was specially designed for the Pro slate 8 ensures optimal alignment of paper and tablet. In the test, it wasn’t available. The paper Folio is offered as an optional accessory of HP and offers space for the Tablet and a suitable writing block, which is then automatically positioned. It is but not necessarily required to use the stylus with ultrasonic technology with normal paper. The user remains dependent on the special stylus and a charged battery.


To anticipate it: very cheap is not the HP Pro slate 8. The test device costs over 570 Euro direct, with LTE module even over 680 euros are due. HP positions the chic aluminium tablet in the business area, where Pogo pins and security technologies for integrating network raise not only the equipment, but also the price. Without this use to make the price of trades may also for interested individuals is justified: because in addition to the innovative technology of input has the 8-incher DTS sound and two loudspeakers, which increase the film and music listening experience in landscape mode.