HTC 10 Cell Phone

Presented during the day yesterday, HTC 10 is the new top of the range of taiwanese society based on platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4 GB of RAM and a 5.2-inch display with resolution 2560 x 1440 QHD. Restricting ourselves to these details, without thereby descend specifically what all other specs that make for a very interesting and unique device HTC 10 definitely, it is a decidedly technical information “standard” for what are the expectations of a top of the range of 2016, in line with those of recent LG G5 and Xiaomi Mi 5, with whom it shares SoC and memory RAM.

GSMArena ‘s colleagues were able to make several benchmark with the new HTC 10 and to compare the results obtained with some of the major top-end 2016, including, in addition to the two aforementioned G5 and I 5, we find Galaxy S7, iPhone 6s, Huawei P9 and other former top range as as One M9 , Galaxy S6 and Xperia Z5. The benchmarks used for this test are the most classic and include Geekbench 3, AnTuTu, GFXBench and Wales. How will the new HTC 10 if compared with old and new challengers? Let’s find out together.

HTC 10 Cell Phone

The first results that we propose are those about Geekbench 3 and AnTuTu. The single core performance of HTC Android landscape are the best 10 with 2368 points, second only to those obtained from iPhone 6s which sits at 2542 points, demonstrating the actual quality of the new core Kryo used by Qualcomm Snapdragon in realization of 820. The ranking changes significantly when considering the scores multi core, since Huawei S7 P9 and Galaxy are able to take advantage of their CPU octa core and get, respectively, scores of 6558 and 6360points, while HTC 10 stops at 5275 points. A still remarkable result considering that the gap is approximately 20% compared with twice as many cores on the main rivals.

Definitely impressive, instead, the result on AnTuTu, since by ben 154031 is the most powerful smartphone HTC 10 points among all those surveyed. Particularly significant DT ben 20,000 data points against LG G5, second with 134541 points, against a virtually identical hardware configuration between SoC, RAM and resolution. Probably the extra points that HTC has managed to earn 10 are the result of the excellent work of optimization done by HTC, especially regarding UX component of the test, always a highlight of the brand, although the lack of a detailed score prevents us to confirm this hypothesis.

Another area where HTC 10 manages to stand out is to chart, especially considering the offscreen tests offered by GFXBench. In all three situations considered, the new top of the range HTC manages to get the most from its 530 Adreno GPU, obtaining first place in all tests, surpassing even in this case, albeit slightly, the competitors with the same hardware platform.

The situation changes when considering the test onscreen, or those carried out taking into account the actual resolution of the display. In this case the 1440p begin to become a discriminating factor and the solutions we adopt a FullHD display “only” come out obviously benefited. We assist as well to step into his head by iPhone 6s, which has a little more than HD, and Xiaomi Mi 5, only smartphone “Snapdragon 820 Team” to use a Panel FullHD. HTC 10 sits just after, with results that still reward the new top of the range. Special mention for Xperia Z5 3.1 in Manhattan test succeeds, with its 430, get the second best result Adreno.

As regards the tests with Wales, the results obtained with Wales X, dedicated to the GPU, showing scores in line with those of LG G5, while Wales OS 2.0 tests have produced results particularly strange that GSMArena imputes to a poor application compatibility with the new Sense interface, reserving the right to further tests later.

In short, HTC 10 became wait than the other competitors but seems to encompass the best of what HTC can propose this 2016; from the point of view of performance does not seem to be no doubt about the goodness of the new top of the line. There only remains to wait for the new dedicated test two other highly anticipated aspects from the users: the photographic quality of the module to 12 UltraPixel and battery life.

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