HTC HD2 Gets Android 7.0 at Age 7 by a Developer

Something happens with the HTC HD2 making that you refuses in resounding to stay with older versions of Android, so much so that in the XDA-Developers Community puts this device nicknames that have to do with immortality. We have to remember that this creature was born with Windows Mobile 6.5 in its bowels.

HTC not imagined that manufactured this device, were forging one of the terminals more difficult to “kill” the history of Android, and even There are still people with one of these terminals. The key was to get to run Android, and for some reason developers are encariñaron with this terminal.

Already last year, although in an alpha release, received CM13, but taking into account the limitations of hardware, hardly could run the system in full. Something like this happened 6 days ago, when the same developer got putting nothing more and nothing less than a very alpha version of CM14 at the age of 7 years of the terminal.

The same developer who got put CM13 in the HTC HD2 could run, albeit in a very limited way, CM14. Today the device could not be used in every day, but is a unique achievement put Android 7 in a mobile 7 years.

The developer warns that with this ROM the device is not ready for use in day to day, and may never be it due to the limitation of the RAM (448 MB are…) and which now operate the Wi-Fi connectivity, sound and screen, which has errors that should be corrected.

This phone is currently, the Android received more support (still develop ROMs of Marshmallow to the device), and even if I’m not skating, is the smartphone with more support in the history (I repeat, is 7 years old), and even if the developers are still making, could endure another year, although the limitations of hardware at the end will end up weighing too.