HTC One M9 Camera Test

The 20 mega pixel camera of HTC one M9 can’t keep up the level of Apple and Samsung. The front camera is absolute top class.

The ultra pixel camera introduced two years ago with the HTC one M7 of the resolution has been reduced to 4 megapixels, has not prevailed – the photos so that snapped were indeed low noise and bright, but the details were missing and zooming in on the image was not practical.

HTC says goodbye at the one M9 but not completely by this technology: while the main camera with a high resolution 20-megapixel sensor is equipped, hiking the ultra pixel in the front-facing camera. A strategy that goes on because for Selfies and video chats the resolution matters little, the light sensitivity of the sensor is much more important. And here the front-facing camera that also takes a large field of view with its wide angle focal length, boasts full – she are among the best in our testing field.

Quality difference

This finding does not apply to the main camera however – she had to insert criticism already properly in many tests. Actually, a quality difference to Apple, Samsung and Huawei is noticeable, because it lacks fine structures despite the high resolution on drawing.

In low light conditions, the auto focus reacts slower and image noise increases disproportionately. One reason is certainly the missing optical image stabilizer. In sum, the image quality for a top Smartphone is still adequate, in direct comparison the flagships of the competition are better – especially when it is dark.

Good menu navigation

The camera tools are so numerous that we can just strip it. Strong: Function ‘Bokeh’ you can subsequently change the depth of field, the “morphing” can arise from two Selfies a new face.

In the camera’s menu is well-structured, the important settings are accessible via a narrow strip at the bottom of the screen. Also the video mode can be seen: the 4K-Videos are perfectly – however limited to no more than six minutes, because the processor becomes too hot.