Huawei Mediapad M2 in the Test

The Huawei Mediapad M2 in material and appearance, cheap Tablet clearly exceeds the expectations of a 279 euro. The Android Tablet by Huawei in the test. With Smartphones, Huawei has long been in the fast lane. In their own country at number one, the Chinese as a provider of Android phones are advanced now two on space in Europe. In the Tablet segment a delicate 7-incher from Huawei ranked still two of connect leaderboard of tablets with excellent values and incredible stamina.

Good battery, weakness in display

For a repeat of the success, time of is still four to the older X 1 missing the Mediapad M2 despite good eight hours. The energy management of the in-house processor Kirin 930, which efficiently combines the potential of eight different clocked cores like the previous, is not responsible for this. Rather the inherently higher consumption of larger displays and the smaller battery.

The Mediapad M2 in the laboratory also leaves important points. The heaviest burden is his lean contrast ratio that fall off in daylight conditions and impaired out there especially the readability of a text.

Double-sided aufhellbare camera

Where font is less important, such as the review of photo shoots, the Mediapad also outdoors is benefiting from a good brightness. Inside, the 8-megapixel main camera can build on a rather rare at tablets LED. A front LED, with the Huawei in the Smartphone Mate S at the forefront is the Mediapad has not, although the display with an extra portion uses for Selfies but light that lights up briefly at the time of the recording.

The camera software presented more versatile than what we are used by tablets in the settings: you can throw shots with the voice or a smile, later to change the focus or baste him while recording on a moving object. Thanks to HDR, you can optimize the exposure for different areas of brightness in the same image. The Mediapad M2 current Huawei Smartphone inherits many features of the camera. This is among other things because they are part of Emui, the user interface, the China market leader installed on all of its smartphones and tablets on the Android operating system.

Emui 3.1

The present version dispenses with the General view of the app, so all apps somewhere be placed on the homescreen, directly or in folders. This included numerous additional functions. This includes, for example, a separable screen that makes it possible to work with two apps in parallel. A vault for images and documents allows you to announce the Tablet safely out of hand.

The phonebook find duplicate contacts and brings together upon request or moves them from the Professional Exchange to the private account as vice versa. Generate a QR code, from the own contact data, the receiver can scan and import into your own address book, if no business card on hand is just.

The Mediapad and the media

More space for media than the 10 GB, free internal memory usually brings a memory card. It is amazing that Huawei is its maximum with only 32 gigabytes. Typically, larger maps in such cases cannot be processed because its management runs internally differently. In the test there was a 128 gig micro SD of the class 10 no problems. However, the test cannot give a guarantee for map sizes beyond the manufacturer’s specification.

The room has some gaps that would have well been a Mediapad to fill and the test result would have been beneficial. So HDMI and NFC are missing for the simple connection with external playback devices and stereo headphones included. The Huawei tablet in the wireless transmission is flexible and is both Miracast and DLNA, while television sets support only one of the two standards – and it’s not always just the one you need.

Also the speaker Harman Kardon make honor a media Tablet: you offer a good sound and amplified via software. You must make sure ink, not to hide them, because they are housed directly in the frame.

For that price: Best offer

The processing of the eight millimeter-thin tablet is impeccable. Front a gloss screen surround accents the sharpened edge of the silver aluminium housing, on the back. Material, and appearance greatly exceed the ER maintenance on a 279-euro tablet. At this price, the lack of HDMI and headphones is good to get over.