Huawei Will Be the World’s Largest Smartphone Manufacturer

Huawei has big plans for the next five years, where the Chinese producer aims to become the biggest producer in the world.

While the total number of smartphones sold will fall in these years, there is a big progress in Chinese Huawei, who experienced an increase in sales of 59% compared to the year before. It gets Huaweis Director, Richard Yu, to put forward a rather ambitious goal of for the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

“We will be the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. It is a race that will be a long time coming, and we have patience, “ says the Director.

Huawei has as a aims to become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer within the next five years with a market share of 25%. There is therefore much to catch up from Samsung and Apple with 21.4% respectively and 13.9% of the market, according to IDC, but the manufacturer is already well on its way. For exactly three years ago Huawei had a market share of only 4.3%, which has now risen to 8.7%.

Rates on top models and virtual reality

The road to a market share of 25%, according to Yu to wager on the segment of top models, which the latest Huawei P9 created in cooperation with the German camera maker Leica is a proof of that.

“Our growth has mainly come from the segment in the higher price range. If you want to be the leading manufacturer, you need to be a leader in the higher price range, “ he added.

Just Huaweis cooperation with Leica is reached in the long term-possibly also for improving its brand value, which here in Denmark is in great prosperity. Going forward, the focus will also be on something completely different – as virtual reality.


New Huawei-top model coming this fall

Google has recently released the so-called Daydream-standard, as is a stamp for Android-top models, which are compatible with virtual reality technology. It covers over the absolute best screens with the least possible delay, powerful processors and the best sensors. It is, however, some requirements, as the current top models fail to live up to – including Huawei P9.

Richard Yo reveals why Huawei is ready with a new top model this fall, which will live up to the strict Daydream-requirements, so you can experience virtual reality in high quality on the go.