Hub USB 3.0 Aukey

Since the time that I wanted a USB 3.0 hub, in 2016 John-John gets finally! Here’s an acquisition made on Amazon of this a few days ago. I introduce the CB-H17 Aukey:

I didn’t really Aukey Duck PC Hardware before (issue 29 – July-August 2016) does not recommend their charger model PA-T9 (QuickCharge 3.0) that gets the best rating. Fabien made a video about it. Be careful to take the right, Aukey sells another similar aesthetically ( PA-U28) but that does not bear the same reference! For the trouble I had taken 2, when a product is recommended, it must have its stock under penalty arrived after the battle when there is more supply and where new models are not necessarily best former tested. As that in the meantime the brand could use other subcontractors to manage the strong demand. So we can meet with something else in that which has been tested despite an identical appearance.

Note that duck PC also recommended cable USB Type-C of the brand as well as Entertainmentdns for micro-USB 2.0 classics.

Back to our hub, it is a model 6 + 1 charge + 1 Ethernet ports.

Here is the content of the ListBox:

A hub, a USB3.0 cable, a power supply, a leaflet and a warranty card.
The manual is in french:
We note the too short (about 50cm) USB cord but who looks good Bill.

Feeding is a PS36IBCAK3000E which gives the 12V 3A maximum.

Here are below, there is no screws under the runners, he will have to unclip.

The top is made of glossy plastic, so you know what that means: not better for the traces of fingers and with time it will get scratched with back and forth of the USB cards…

Behind: a switch that cut directly the arrival of 12V, taking jack, USB3, and Gigabit LAN.

Let’s go we’ll see inside, a spatula and it’s good.

Nothing special to note at first glance, this seems rather Holy. One can already notice that each USB port is protected individually by a small fuse (gold):
The front, it should be noted the presence of (blue) LEDs for each port. Ports are blue too except the load which is black in color. Reminder: the charging port has no feature DATA!

Some inscriptions on the PCB: SZ BROWAY / BM-H6L1C1063A / RTS5401. I couldn’t date hand manufacturing.

Of what one can guess: the network part is ensured by a Realtek RTL8153 (U8) coupled to a memory flash Winbond 25 Q 16 (U03) and a 25 Mhz quartz.

The USB part is ensured by two Realtek RTS5411 (U2 and U16) (as well as their flash Winbond 25 X 20) chained. Each of which can handle 4 ports:

The 12V power is then lowered to 5V by 3 step-down DC – DC FR9888 which can be up to 3A (continuous) max according to the datasheet. Two are used for the 6 blue USB3 ports, the rest must be used for Realtek logic circuits. What makes that 3 contiguous ports can shoot more 3’s. Which is in line with what claims the leaflet:

Even if it says 3.5 A, certainly that the brand is the digit in crete and with a less than 5V voltage (collapsed). You said marketing?

The 2.4 A charge port is managed in part by a VIA Labs VP201. There are also large inductors and Red traces at the top right which I don’t know the composition.

The small chemical capacitor of the 12V entry is a 100µF 35V (of the margin so).

Some profanity on the welds of the switch:

The upper part of the Cabinet:

Some measures of tensions in empty, nothing to say:

Once reassembled, it turns well my Zalman ZM400 drive and a USB floppy drive:

After as for everything: remains to be seen the reliability of this product over the long term, including the USB connectors by dint of connections/disconnections. Several people have had problems with the hub USB Aukey on reviews from Amazon (fr + international and with several models of the brand) about LEDs out of service or ports USB HS from one day to the next. The future will tell…

For fun: here’s the former hub USB replaced, admire the size of the plug jack compared the Aukey: