Hyetis Promises Smart Watch with 41 MP Camera

When we talk about smart watches — the smartwatches — as soon as we think of the Android operating system. But the truth is that not all devices of this type will hit stores with the Google system. The Hyetis, for example, promises the Crossbow for consumers seeking synchronization with any laptop — Android or iOS, Windows Phone 8.

As you can see in the pictures, it is not a smart watch very discreet. It will be produced for an audience a little more “mature and sober” that seeks to “deluxe appliances” and that’s enough to reflect also on the price. Each unit of the Hyetis Crossbow can be ordered in presales for the price of $1,200 and should arrive at THEFREEGEOGRAPHY in late December by even higher values.

In addition to the robust design, the watch also has several features to justify the prices charged by manufacturers. The main one is the integrated digital camera, which promises 41 megapixel maximum resolution — there is no more information on what the sensors and lenses used in the appliance. You can also find GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi and NFC and voice recorder.

For the more adventurous, there are also a number of sensors present on the Crossbow. The intelligent Hyetis watches will have height sensors, temperature, light and humidity of gases (also don’t understand the reason for this sensor). As we have already said, the devices should hit stores only in December this year, same month that consumers who have opted for the pre-sale will receive their units.