iCloud will be monitored by the Chinese?

The Chinese authorities are monitoring iCloud, according to Deluxesurveillance.com, a group that monitors how the competent authorities in China to enforce censorship.

iCloud will be monitored by the Chinese

iCloud security

Deluxesurveillance.com claims that the Chinese authorities perform MITM attacks. MITM stands for “man in the middle”, and this means that the authorities set up fake domain servers to sluice the traffic out of the iCloud. Since Apple’s newest smartphones – iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6, is available in China, many believe that the authorities are trying to reach to circumvent Apple’s extra protection of the iCloud.

According to several sources, it is not unusual to the authorities in China are trying to censor the Internet – Google Plus, Weibo (a popular messaging service) and Microsoft’s Outlook.com must also have been exposed to MITM attacks.

Do not panic, or?

Chinese people that use Chrome or Firefox to login to iCloud will get a security warning, while those who use Mac OS X’s built-in login, will not get any warning at all. So it is possible that you do not get to know that traffic will be redirected.

These MITM attacks only applies to China, then of course you should not panic. But when information is becoming more and more important, and our private information is in the cloud, makes you always question the safety. And it is always important to protect your data.

How can you protect your networking in a few minutes?

If you want to have more secure network, we recommend to enable two-stage verification. Perhaps it sounds complicated, but it’s not really hard to activate and use it. When the safety mechanism is activated, you must usually enter your password (step 1), and then enter a code, which you either receive via SMS, or downloading out of an app (step 2). Step 2 can be different depending on the account, but most, and all the three “big” (Google, Facebook and Apple) are using SMS and apps to deliver code.

If two-stage verification is enabled, your accounts and data is still protected, even if someone manages to steal your passwords.

How do you protect your data?