Inateck USB 3.0 Hub

Presentation of the HB4009

Today I want to talk a little rather practical case: the HB4009 of Inateck. This box is in appearance that a USB hub, namely a box which plugs in USB and which consists of several other USB ports, see instead:

In addition to the fact that this case has 3 ports USB 3.0, also provided a little surprise: the “M-Port” or “Port Magic”. »:

It is indeed a present USB port on the other end of the box and allows to extend significantly the limited possibilities of the simple “USB Hub«.

The first first, the USB function is busy, USB ports allow very interesting transfers, even with several connected devices.Reminder, the USB Hub function is the simple fact of having several extra USB ports via a single device that will connect him with a single USB port on the machine. This can be compared to the function of an electric power strip, but to the USB ports.

  1. Mac KM Link: surprise feature

In addition to the function of USB Hub, the HB4009 offers a function to create a direct link between two machines, classically to swap files, but not only.

The exchange of files between two machines is still a problem in many contexts, often when it must be swift and that it would be too tedious to create a share, there position good rights, etc. So often through the Exchange by the Cloud or the USB key (which are more rare in our pockets).

The HB4009 allows to solve this problem via a small software that unfolds on the related posts, and which is built into the USB hub: Mac KM Link

When it connects a PC to the hub, it offers us the installation of this small utility that allows then to perform several actions between connected PCs:

  • Exchange files in USB 3.0, with a theoretical maximum rate of 5 Gb/s
  • Share mouse and keyboard, to take control of the connected PC
  • Share clipboard
  • Transit sound through

The most interesting feature for my taste is still able to share mouse and keyboard between two PC. So, it is possible to use a second PC exactly like the first without changing keyboard and mouse.

The ability to copy data quickly between two PC remains the main use of the HB4009, we can then forget the problems of transfer between two computers using a USB key or a Cloud platform, simply plug the HB4009!

To give you a quick overview, once the PC are connected, one can simply transfer a file by doing a copy/paste from one to the other. You will also have access to the application GO! Bridge which allows to have a live preview of the connected machine directories:

We can then also drag & drop the files quickly. This will of course in both directions since Mac KM Link will be installed on the two posts. It may also be noted that This avoids to do two transfers (A-> USB stick then USB stick machine-> machine B):

n addition to the exchange of files, options also allow the sharing of the mouse and keyboard configuration, for example the position of the second PC from the first:

This in order to move the cursor from one PC to another movement when he touches the edge associated with, which is rather fluid.

It must be noted that these features are naturally operational on Windows, but also on Android and Mac OS.

We did the tour of this small handy tool is the HB4009! For my part, I use it mainly for its screen sharing function without having to go through a tool using the network and also for the transfer of files between PC.