Instant Messenger Hanashi Tested

Hanashi is a chat program that’s been around for two years now. To Sony Ericsson’s Research Department continues developing program is about to lay the basis for future’s smarter mobile features, like file sharing. But today, the program can be downloaded for free to virtually all mobiles.

When you put a person in the contact list to do it with a normal mobile number, or choose from your phone’s address book. The first time you start a chat with the person as he or she is called a normal sms. Then the person can click on a link in the text message to install Hanashi.

Chat is started with sms

The nifty is that all chats are started with a text message. If the recipient does not have started Hanashi, he or she simply a text with the first chat message. This text also calls the program, and then click “chat” button to confirm that you want to switch over to the chat application, which then automatically starts.

Then all communication takes place via mobile internet instead-instant messages, file transfers, and more. You can send messages, pictures, music and more.

Because the contact list also contains the phone number of the person (and is integrated with the phone’s usual contact list), you can also click a contact in the program to start a normal call.


One of the additional features that are available is the ability to see the position of the people in the contact list. It is required that they checked you in the list and chosen? allow position? in the menu. Unfortunately, the database for positioning so far only Sony Ericsson’s own limited database, but when I chat with Sony Ericsson’s own employees, I see that they are on Sony Ericsson-Office at the water tower in Lund. My colleagues at mobile editorial office in Stockholm, however, I do not succeed in positioning. But the database with positions being expanded on an ongoing basis.

The smartest of the program, however, is the ability to chat and send files, and that it is not required that recipients have actively started a chat application in order to start a chat with them? because the application can get the recipient’s chat client by using sms.

Further a really clever feature is that you can switch over a chat from your phone to your computer. Just surf to our site and fill out their cell phone number. At mobile Kamen, you confirm that you want to move over their ongoing chats to your computer. Since it has chats started both on your PC and mobile.

Not with Iphone

Hanashi works on almost any mobile phone, but Apple Iphone (that do not support java applications at all). But it’s still a little bit of trouble getting it to be easy to use on some phones. Best program works on Sony Ericsson phones. Nokia smartphones with Symbian S60 sends up a bit too many warning messages on the screen, of the type? that you want the program to …?. But on the website describes how to minimize these little annoying warning messages on a Nokia mobile.

Price wise is Hanashi cheaper to use than sms, but best of all, it is about ensuring that there is a certain amount of data in the mobile operator’s monthly subscription.