Internet Mobile for Nokia-Habit

The keyboard is a dream, the screen also. But God help you if you need to enter the wlan settings.

Nokia E61i market as a mobile Web surfing and email, and advertising does not lie. Keyboard and screen signal Internet-terminal rather than phone, and also the phone software is focused on the Internet.

The keyboard is a full QWERTY keyboard, including aao on private keys. The numbers can be accessed with a function key. The phone does its best to figure out if the number mode or text mode should be the default, but sometimes it becomes wrong, such as when to enter the phone number to send SMS.

The keyboard is surprisingly comfortable to use. Keys has good touch feeling, man will seldom ate adjacent keys by mistake, and it is perfectly acceptable to write quickly and reach all keys with your thumb and the phone stay in the hand. I would drag me to write you an email much longer than a text with a standard mobile keypad, but with the E61i I begin to write genuine essays.

Even the screen is easy to love. Large, high resolution, sharp and with good color reproduction. Even light reflection gives good results. I tried to browse with my phone while I was walking around town, and the screen was as clear and legible in the shade as in the crisp spring sunshine. The screen looks like but is not a touchscreen, but with keyboard and navigation interface experience the never as a limitation.

The only direct negative with the phone’s physical design is that the lid is difficult to open and close. It feels as if you don’t need to do it many times before any plastic part breaks down. Because even the memory card slot cover is sitting inside this not entirely trivial.

E61i is an update of the less than year-old E61. The phone has become slightly thinner, the handling of attachments to e-mail has been improved a bit. Keep both models in your hand at the same time, E61i noticeably thinner than its predecessor. The keyboard is better and the four-way controller a clear förbättrig from E61ans joystick. The main difference however is that the handset has a camera.

Not a very good camera, though. Image sensor’s sensitivity to light and color resolution gives hardly do justice to its 2 megapixels. In anything but full daylight, one must either choose night mode or be very steady hand in order that the images should not be blurred. In night mode, on the other hand the images distinctly gritty.

It seems almost superfluous to mention that this phone has a media player. Other goodies are the readers and editors of office documents, as well as synknings program for data to both PC and Mac.

Surf and e-mail posttelefon was Yes. The user interface is the Nokia Series 60, and its browser is really nice to use, especially in combination with the big screen. It’s the only pages that are really wide, which seems a bit yxiga to navigate.

The e-mail client is also nice to read and write in. To configure an email account is quick and easy with a guide. You can set up your phone for more than one email account and can even pre-select which access different e-mail accounts to use (but then I referred to to define connection points, more on that below).

I try to send mail, and it runs like a shine, except the small part that they never arrive. After digging in your baskets, I note that the messages are “queued”. Why and what to do to get them out of the queue and sent, I never know. After some debugging, I note that I have chosen an smtp server that is not accessible via the carrier’s network. Of course it is not Nokia’s fault that I have server trouble, but not with the smallest E61i helps me error message.

Real problem with the phone will I get when I should start using w-lan. There is an approach to making w-lanuppkopplingen simple in form of a scanning function, but over how to become accustomed to that it works on your computer is the woefully inadequate. For example, it is not by remembering the power I used or save password. For these basic functions, I have, it turns out, configure access points. Here begins the nightmare for me.

In the connection manager, you can find “Define Internet access point”, which leads to the following dialog:

“Define Internet access point for WLAN Editors”? Yes/No.


“Go to connection points in the connection settings. to define an access point for a secure WLAN network. ”

The message will flash past before I can put it on the stick, and I wonder why not phone could only have opened the cursed setting.

I can find to end the setting. To create a connection point, I have to manually specify the encryption type used for the Web, and more. It continues in the same way, and it all feels so awkward that I simply sitting back and finds me in keying in the password each time I plug up me.

It also means that I lose function access point groups, where I can define a list of connections to choose from, for example, in the first place my w-lan at home, in the other hand my w-lan at work, in the further alternative, the 3 g network Brilliant feature, if I just haven’t panicked halfway through the configuration. It would be so much easier.

I can tell you more, for example, that at one point I couldn’t even download mail, then the phone referred to the Internet was “occupied” by the browser. But suffice to summarize that you either must have relatively simple usage patterns or be experienced series 60 users to fully enjoy this Internet phone.


Telephony & data: 9

-Multimedia: 8

Systems and applications: 6

-User experience: 7

-Materials & quality: 9

Overall rating: 78

Fact box:

-Type: Smartphone with 3 g and w-lan

-Weight: 150 g

-Dimensions: 117 x 70 x 11.5-13.9 mm

-Talk time: 2-5 hours

-Standby time: 200-450 hours

-Internet and data features: W-lan, edge, Bluetooth 1.2, INFRARED, e-mail, Web browser.

Connection to pc/mac: Yes, via USB 2.0, Bluetooth, INFRARED, or w-lan. Nokia PC Suite 6.82.

-Voice commands: voice dialing and voice commands.

-Ringtones: mp3

Phone book: dynamic memory, a large number of numbers and e-mail addresses per contact.

SAR value:

Display: 320 x 240 pixels. 16 million colors.

Games: No pre-installed. Java & Symbian games can be installed.

-Camera resolution: 2 Mpixel. Still & video

-Other features: email, mms, calendar, calculator, Web, group tools, music player, video player, unit converter, pdf viewer, Editor, Office documents, print link, java, GPS software, alarm, voice recorder. Ability to install Symbian and java applications. MicroSD memory card.

-Accessories: Handsfree, charger, data cable, PC software is included. Alternative headset and Bluetooth accessories such as GPS and speakers are available to buy.

-Socket for external antenna: No.

-Manufacturer’s website:… />-price: 4000 SEK

12 quick yes/no

Camera Yes

Email program Yes


FM radio no

Music player Yes

Memory card slot Yes

Smartphone Yes

3 g yes

Edge Yes

Turbo-3 g no

W-lan Yes

Bluetooth Yes

Hard facts performance (thumbs up)

SPMark test: 2187 points total, images (PNG) 82 p, 3D-games 9.8 FPS, jwc 1964 p

Comment: not as impressive, such as the Nokia N95, but overall, the phone feels fast.

Hard facts battery

(thumbs up)

Manufacturer: 2-5 hrs

We got: 4 h 45 minutes for calls over 3 g

Comment: When we tested with GSM call was the battery far from empty after five and a half hours. Even if you are browsing with w-lan, which normakt can drain a battery in no time, our tests indicate that the battery lasts for several hours.

Questions & answers:

Can you make a video call?

Yes it is possible. But because the camera is placed on the back of the phone, you get to choose if you want to be seen in the camera, or see the other on the screen.

Choose your phone automatically switches between 3 g and wlan?

Yes, but in this case always 3 g data in the first place, which seems illogical. The alternative is that you select the connection manually each time your phone connects to.

You can set different outgoing mail servers for mobile Internet and w-lan?

Well OK. You can choose a particular email account always uses a specific connection. You can then when you send your email, choose the account you send with. But these settings is no game to configure.

Options: Palm Treo series are the most obvious comparison in form and functionality.






W-lan and email settings