Introduction to Apple Company

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Apple is one of the world’s most valuable companies and a huge manufacturer of IT hardware and software. Apple is publicly traded on NASDAQ under AAPL. The company was led by, and for many years synonymous with its famous founder Steve Jobs. The story of Jobs and co-founder Steve Wozniak development of Apple is filmed with, among other things. Aston Kutcher in the role of Steve Jobs.

The company was established in Steves Jobs parent’s garage. The name Apple is inspired by a period where Jobs worked in the countryside. Before the establishment of the company Apple, Steve Jobs came from the game company Atari. The first mass-produced computers Macintosh, is named after chief designer Jeff Raskin favorite Apple Mcintosh. IBM was from the beginning the great competitor and Wozniak and Jobs wanted from the start by delivering a far better product it as they could.

Tim Cook replaces Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died 05 October 2011 after prolonged illness. He reached, however, helping to launch boats, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Specifically iPod helped take Apple into a completely new era where they came wide out to many consumers. Today is the iPhone, however, their main product and constitutes a very large proportion of their total turnover. The company is located in Cupertino in Sillicon Valley, California. Today is the front shape of Apple Tim Cook, who has been employed for the electronics manufacturer since 1998. Most recently, he was host at the presentation of the latest iPhone, for iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6. In addition to the new phone was also presented a new watch, called Watch.

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Apps, movies and music with itunes and Appstore

Apple has been cleverly to create a universe which is known for delicious design and ease of use. It appeals to many consumers, but also scares some away, which seems that Apple’s software is too closed. Most Apple customers think, however, that there is delicious to be able to collect everything under an Apple id and access the many thousands of Apps, music tracks and movies in the App store and itunes. As some of the most popular products from Apple, include: iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro with Retina display, the sleek Macbook Air and everything in a computer iMac.