IOS 7 Blocks Third-party Lightning Cables

If you have an Apple device, you probably have some extra Lightning-cables in case you lose the original or if you need to charge your device at work. Of course, official Apple Lightning-cables a bit more expensive, so if you can book a Lightning cable from another website, why would you not do it?

Apple Lightning Cable

Apple Charger

But it can really lead to problems after upgrading to iOS 7, because these unofficial cables no longer works on the new operating system. In beta versions of iOS 7 was only a warning, but now it seems that the final version of iOS 7 no longer accept compatible cables. It is no longer possible to charge or sync your iPhone or iPad using such cables.

The problem is that Apple Lightning-cables has a seasonless chip that recognizes them. Third-party manufacturers that make Lightning-cables or other Lightning-accessories must have a license from Apple, and they are required to integrate these processors. Most unofficial cables do not have this chip. Apple iOS 7 seems to have changed, and a special “bounce mechanism” rejects these cables.

Tips for using Apple Lightning-cables: these steps can help you:

* Connect the cable to a USB port or adapter
* Plug the cable into the iPhone
* Reject the written warning
* Unlock iPhone up
* Reject further warnings
* Drag the Lightning cable out
* Put it back in.
* Reject this warning again
* iPhone will start to let up

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Apple Blocks Third-party Lightning Cables with iOS 7

Apple Blocks Third-party Lightning Cables with iOS 7