IOS Tips: How Can We Organize Themselves Using VIP-Inbox?

It can be tiring with the many emails we receive each day, and so can today’s blog post is useful! Like this you can organize yourself by using VIP inbox on iOS

IOS-function for better organizing your Inbox

What exactly is “VIP-inbox”?

VIP-inbox is an iOS feature that sorts all messages you receive from people you tagged as a VIP (very important people) to a special area. This feature can be used on all iOS devices – IE. iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod touch etc.

  1. Go to mailboxes
  2. Press the VIP
  3. Then displays a list of Vips (if you have not used the VIP inbox feature, so the list is empty)
  4. Tap Add VIP, and then you get a list of your contacts
  5. Tap the contact you want to tag as VIP

Customize the settings – turn off alarms for with more

When you have added all the VIP ´ is you want to be on the VIP list, you can customize the settings. Go to settings > Reminders > Mail > VIP.

You can turn off the audio and visible alarms to here. It’s very simple, but VIP inbox makes really life easier