iPad 2 – iOS4

Elegant and intuitive interface.

You know how to use an iPad the second you picks it up. It is due to the revolutionary multi-touch interface in iOS which is designed for your finger. The simple and beautiful home screen is the easiest place to start. From built-in applications to 65 000 iPad apps and games available from the App Store. From making a FaceTime call to edit a movie with iMovie. Everything you touch is intuitive, easy and fun.

With just a few press in FaceTime, you can see your friends and family when you talk to them. Multi-touch and the large 9.7 “display makes video calls easy and fun.

Run your favorite third-party application, and switch between them easily with the intuitive interface.

Applications can easily fill your iPad up. Directories is an easy way to keep your apps organized.

With thousands of applications in practically all categories, is iOS 4 platform, the world’s largest collection of mobile apps. Apple has given third-party developers a wealth of tools and APIs, and they’ve created apps and games that redefine what a mobile device can do. Where to find these apps? Just surf on the loose in the App Store on your iPad and download them with a tap.


iPad 2 — Elegant and intuitive interface

Hardware and software made for each other
Just because Apple makes both the iPad hardware and operating system, everything works together seamlessly and intelligently. This makes it possible for built-in applications and apps from the App Store to take advantage of iPad’s hardware. Multi-touch, the accelerometer, the 3 axis gyro, accelerated graphics and the powerful processor is always in progress when you surf the Web, watch movies, play games or go from application to application.
IOS 4 is highly secure already from the second you turn on your iPad. All applications run in a safe environment, so a website or application cannot access the data on your iPad. IOS 4 supports encrypted network connections in order to safeguard your information. Optional parental controls lets you control iTunes purchases, Internet surfing and access to selected material. To protect your privacy, applications must use the locations information have your permission first. You can set a password to prevent unauthorized access to your device, and even set it to delete all the data on it after too many attempts to break the code. In case your iPad gets stolen or lost, Find My iPad can locate it on a map and delete all data from a distance. If you were to get it back you can restore everything from your last backup.

iPad and iOS 4 are made to be used all over the world. User interface is customize over 30 languages. So you can send and read emails in other languages and easily switch among them. Because the keyboard is software based, you can choose from over 50 different layouts with support for language-specific features included diacritic characters, handwritten input into Chinese and contextually character settings for Japanese. In addition, the built-in dictionary over 50 languages and dialects, Voiceover reads the screen in more than 30 languages and Voice Control understands 24 languages.

IOS 4 comes from the factory with a wide range of control features to help people with disability experience all that iPad has to offer. For example, the built-in Voiceover screen technology which allows those who are blind or have low vision to hear a description of the the press, on the screen. IOS 4 also offers the newly developed technology with over 30 wireless blind font screens and many other award-winning accessibility features such as dynamic screen magnification, playback of recorded videos, mono audio, white on black text and more.