iPad 2 – The Best Way To Enjoy Photos, E-Mails, Movies And The Internet

LED-backlit screen
iPad is finished in a beautiful design – 9.7 “pictures, videos, internet sites, books etc. in super high resolution. LED backlight get everything to look more crisp, vibrant and bright out. Even in places with little light, as URf.eks. in a plane.

Since it uses a special display technology called IPS (in-plane switching), it has a wide, 178o point of view. Show the forward to a person on the other end of the room or share what you’re doing with the person next to you and all will look excellent.

iPad 2-LED backlight

Technology is at the top when it feels completely natural, almost as if there is nothing at all. It is multi-touch on the iPad. You use your fingers to everything, so everything you do – surf the Web, write e-mails, read books and flip in your photos – will be easier and much more fun.

IOS 4 – the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.

IOS 4 is the operating system for the iPad (like the iPhone and iPod Touch). It lets you browse, read and view everything just by touching the screen. It includes all the powerful, innovative and fun built-in applications you use every day, many times a day. It is at the same time, the platform as more than 65 000 applications have been designed for. It is well protected, stable, fast and it is made to work perfectly with the iPad’s hardware.

Wi-Fi and 3 g
All iPads are built with the advanced 802 .11n wireless technology. It automatically finds Wi-Fi network, which you can then log on with very little pressure. the iPad is also available with 3 g network to either AT & T or Verizon Wireless network. So if you are anywhere without Wi-Fi, such as outdoors on a camping trip or just on the go, it is still possible to surf the Internet, check your e-mail or to find your way.

Gyroscope, accelerometer and compass.
With the built-in accelerometer, you can twist and turn your iPad as it suits you – and the screen will automatically adapt to you. Now working both the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass together. The intercepts in which direction the iPad turns and how it moves. Games, cards and other applications will therefore know every twist, swing, tilt or 360 you’re doing making games incredibly much more fun. It’s just the beginning of the new better-than-ever iPad’s applications.

iPad 2 Airplay

All the cool things and files on your iPad – your videos, pictures and your music – you can now stream wireless to your HDTV and speakers via the AirPlay-enabled speakers or Apple TV on a wireless network. You can now play music, keep video night, share photos or watch YouTube with a single click.

Video copying
Video copying is new to the iPad and for all applications, internet page, presentation, video, film, or image you want to present to a wider audience. Just connect Apple Digital AV Adapter or Apple VGA Adapter (sold separately) to your HDTV or projector and it will now appear as a larger version of your iPad. A plug, it’s that. Everyone sees what’s going on on your iPad – even if you were to rotate the iPad or zoom in or out.

iPad 2 Video copying

Print your emails, photos, Web pages and documents directly from your iPad over the wireless network. You do not need to download any software, install some drivers or connect some cables. With just a few clicks, you can go from watching it on your iPad screen to keep a printed copy of it in your hand.