Is it Worth Paying Dearly on a Cell Phone or Tablet?

Looking at the plethora of tablets and smartphones on the market, there is a huge responsibility when it comes to choosing. It’s no longer so easy to answer the question of which smartphone or tablet is right for you. With the advancement of technologies, the dividing lines between the various classifications of these technological devices are getting thinner and thinner. The top-of-the-line devices then, are presenting more and more technological resources and with this, the price is also accompanying.

Is it Worth Paying Dearly on a Cell Phone or Tablet?

The question “which is the best smartphone or tablet?” Is rapidly evolving into something like “how much do you want to invest in your device?”. With smartphones and tablets surpassing prices of motorcycles and even used cars, is it worth paying dearly for these devices?

Is it worth buying an expensive smartphone or tablet?

When I bought my first Android, I paid the equivalent of 2 minimum wages, and he was a top model, released that year. The unit lasted for 3 years before it was completely grounded. In other words, monthly until he screwed up, it cost me about 2.7% of the minimum wage monthly until the end of its useful life. Let’s round to 3%, saying that I had to buy a charger, a new battery, and a protective film in the middle of the way. For me, that investment paid off.

To buy a high-end cell phone today I would need to invest between 3 and 4 minimum wages. Monthly, until the end of its useful life, would then be about 6% of the minimum wage. Am I willing to compromise this whole value on a phone or tablet? I know that I would install the appliance a couple of times and, in theory, after these payments, it’s my device, but I do not think so anymore. We have to think of technology as useful as something in the medium and long term. I’ll explain more about this.

Compensates to buy expensive phone or tablet: the technology issue

All technology is obsolete in a few years. Phones and tablets have become obsolete faster because they are now the flagship of the technology industry. So when you invest 3, 4, up to 5 minimum wages on these handsets, maybe it would be time to think the same way I was thinking: how long do I intend to use it or how much do I value this item?

Take the example of Apple’s smartphones and tablets. Compared to Android manufacturers, all Apple devices are more expensive. In the “monthly costs” quoted above, an Apple device can add 3% or even double the values ​​there. The life cycle of Apple devices are much smaller than an Android device too, due to the iOS software updates. Android has its updates, just not as mandatory as Apple’s. Then you will have a more expensive smartphone and tablet with a shorter shelf life.

It’s also tricky to stay behind in technology. Failing to buy a good smartphone or tablet because it is too expensive can also be equally bad. Anyone who buys a smartphone or tablet will have a device that has a shorter “expiration date”. The monthly cost may end up leaving the same as a high-end appliance, depending on the model. Since it will be necessary to change more frequently, the cost may be even higher.

Beetle will never be Porsche

The creator of Porsche is the same creator of the Beetle, and the engines bear similarities. However, a beetle will never achieve the performance of a Porsche.

Translating this to the world of smartphones and tablets, by choosing not to buy a more expensive smartphone or tablet, you also fail to invest in a better camera, a better resolution screen, a larger internal memory, a more powerful processor, a battery which lasts longer, a brand of more confidence. There is quality attached to the price of such a device, this you can be sure of.

It is possible, however, to strike a balance between characteristics so that you do not have to spend money on these devices. Even with the high dollar, investing more than 3 minimum wages in such a gadget is somewhat irrational, unless you rely heavily on a device with added status for the job. Even these people can get the cheapest handsets by buying from abroad.

When the rational limit is exceeded (read a smartphone or tablet that costs more than 3 minimum wages) it is good to start thinking about your purchase. This value is the same as that paid on bikes and even on cars. Seriously you need this device in your life? Reflects. Maybe you can buy a top-of-the-line smartphone from last year, which is half the top-of-the-line price this year, and plans to update Android or iOS for the next few years.