It Benefit Google Android Not Pulled out Maps for IOS? Engadget Android Questions

These days it seems that I will not comment otherwise: in the new version of iOS still no Google Maps and instead the new Apple Maps are disastrous. If Google decides to not take version of Google Maps for iOS, would it benefit to Android? That’s what we want to ask you this week.

Would benefit Android that Google not get Maps for iOS?

The question of the week

Last week we asked about the closure of Motorola Spain, and most highly valued response has been that of Tiburcio:

The unfortunate thing of all of this, is people who will lose their job.
From rest, unlike others, believe that Motorola fact correct, Motorola had to be reorganized for a time because it was really a disaster, many mobile launched, few of them updated.
In addition, through this movement of Google to reduce the number of mobile released, but of excellent quality and updated with latest version of soft while the hardware allows it, it will serve to keep the same pattern in other Android manufacturers… All thing that it serves to enhance, is welcome. As I said above, too bad for all those people who will lose their jobs, they are the only ones affected in this.

We hope your answers and your votes. Until the coming week!