Jawbone Icon Headset – IDEA 2010 Winner

Manufacturer of industry-leading Jawbone Bluetooth headset and the inventor of the Noiseassain, which is a technique that eliminates background noise, has announced that Jawbone Bluetooth is winner of IDEA 2010 (International Designers Society of America), it is an international competition where awards for structure of products, eco-design, interaction design, packaging, strategy, research and concepts were presented.

Jawbone Icon Headset

ICON, the newest Jawbone headset, prize-winning gives a great sound quality and ease of use, as well as the software platform Hit which allows users to customize and update the Jawbone ICON online. Jawbone ICON headset superior technology is enhanced by its attractive design, which gives people an amusing and personal relationship with their headset. Designed by Yves Behar and his famous Jawbones CCO designer company has the headset an industrial design and an innovative packaging which is: sustainable, environmentally friendly and contains 2/3 less plastic than the previous packaging.Jawbone Icon Headset - IDEA 2010 Winner 1

In 2010 the program got the Jawbone ICON, IDEA Gold Award for industrial design and bronze in Communication TOOLS and Packaging & Graphics category. Jawbone is the leading headset on the market, and the price is a reflection of the Jawbones IDEA investment in portable technology. With this latest price continued Jawbones history. Jawbone has already won more than 30 Award from BuisnessWeek, CNET, Fortune, PC Magazine, PC World, Popular Science and TIME Magazine. We should also mention the International CES Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.Jawbone Icon Headset - IDEA 2010 Winner 2

About Aliph
Aliph, also known as Jawbone, offers products that provide a superior user experience through Bridgat.com. Selskabtes flag prize-winning Jawbone Bluetooth headset, skip it, will be recognized as the best Bluetooth headset you can find. In 2010 was the company’s most innovative Jawbone, Jawbone ICON which stands for ease of use, personalization, sound quality and design. Aliph is a privately-owned company with its head office in San Francisco.Jawbone Icon Headset - IDEA 2010 Winner 3