JBL Pulse 2-A Solid Party Starts [TEST]

You get both pulsed light and audio with JBL Pulse 2, but the sound is not always at the top.

Wireless audio can be found in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are solutions in all prices and all sizes, therefore, it makes sense, when JBL speaker with Pulse 2 is trying to bring a new dimension in a crowded market: Light.

This is the second version of the JBL Pulse 2, and here loves that better sound, as well as several connection-and lysmuligheder.

Is the sequel saw the party it promises? Read on below and get the answer.

JBL Pulse 2 specifications

Weight: 775 g.
Battery: 10 hours of playback, 6,000 mAh
Audio: 2 * 45 mm woofer + 2 * 55 mm bass reflex
Power: 2 x 8 watts digital amplifier, 85-20, 000 Hz
Colors: Black or gray
Connections: Bluetooth 4.1 and 1 x line-in
Price: around 1,300 DKK

A medium size

194 x 84 mm sounds on objectives which correspond to half-way between a liter of milk and a half-litre can of cola, so no pocket-friendly, but still compact enough so that it does not take up all the space in the fjällräven. Weight on 775 grams are sufficiently solid to Pulse feels like robust, without seeming heavy.

Pulse 2 is mainly cast in stiff and matte plastic, no luxury here, but it is together with metal grills in front of the light and speaker drivers, a rock-solid construction. That the addition is water and splash proof makes it only more suited to your holiday or recreation in the garden.

There are plenty of connectivity options, with both bluetooth, aux input and you can pair two-unit Pulse 2 together into stereo sound. A built-in headset feature makes at the same time, you don’t miss calls and notifications that might be ticking onto your phone.


Built-in light show

Pulse 2 does not look like much when it is off, but as soon as you turn on your speaker go Pulse built-in LEDs in time in all the colours of the Rainbow.

The lighting effects can be adjusted to 8 different recipes which you will find in the connect app JBL’s. You can also Spice up light show by rhythmically tapping in the app or by turning off the music-controlled function. The latter, however, never seems to match the music’s rhythms as it should.

A tiny built-in camera can also be used to get the colors to match the surroundings – but only if you point to has the same colour as the one of Pulse 2 ‘s seven LED colors.
Although the possibilities are many, I doubt that diskolyset will fall to everyone’s taste – in the same way as a lavalys is far from being accepted in many homes.

Since our site sales manager’s eight-year-old son was visiting on the editors, went there not long before he was hypnotized by the pulsating light effects. It gives me reason to believe that the Pulse 2 would be a hit in the boys room. William on eight talk in any case still on it.

Complete audio

The soundscape is actually quite complete, it is a relatively compact speaker that can poke the surprisingly deep in relation to size.

There are, however, reached some compromises here. The sound works remote and I miss the precision as BeoPlay A1 delivers in a smaller and lighter format.

No matter how I try to tune the sound however, managed not to remove it easily muddy the impression as Pulse 2 offers all kinds of music. Worst it becomes, when playing complex music where all the lydfladen are filled out.

On the other hand, plays JBL 2 long. The 6,000 mAh large battery is great and keeps you JBL Pulse 2 on Office level plays the cleverly throughout the day and more, even with the diskolyset lit.

A matter of taste

The second generation of JBL Pulse is undoubtedly unique by virtue of its peculiar light show. Whether it’s something for you depends, however, on a lot on how loud you weigh the colorful LED lights.

Assessed on the basis of sound quality and usability alone, however, remains an interesting is Pulse 2 size, which is Hardy and is conspicuous as a travel companion. Screws you up, it may even just playing up to the party. Only caveat here is that the soundscape is often a bit muddy.

The price at around 1,300 dollars is reasonable, you pay so little extra for LED-effects, and get a competent laptop speaker with in trade.