Jim Balsillie: in BlackBerry Weren’t Prepared to Compete with The IPhone

The history of BlackBerry is something that I have had the opportunity to follow and study in detail, and not afraid to be wrong, I can say that they were not quick to combat with iPhone and everything that came before. Now one of its historical leaders, Jim Balsillie, He opens his mouth to tighten the screw more: BlackBerry was not prepared.

The Canadian has granted several interviews, and therein has had the opportunity to comment on the fall of the company in recent years. Market leader in the flourishing of smartphones, a market share which tends to zero in the last quarters.

Were very accommodated in its position and they had no answer for the first iPhone in 2007. Tried it with the BlackBerry Storm, a project that was conceived very quickly, too much say one: in a few months put on the market a full touch terminal, with an adapted system, and some striking developments as to the screen as a button clicking.

The reality is that they released a product half-baked, with many gaps in the user experience, especially if compared to the iPhone. What happened? As that Returns to Verizon rates were close to 100%, and the operator asked for 500 million dollars in compensation to BlackBerry.

Share BBM, aim at the low range

That was the moment in which Balsillie realized that they were not prepared to compete on technology, on devices with next generation solutions. It is considered that at that time should have all opted for more affordable ranges, place a Smartphone on hand from around the world. But no, they decided to fight on a front where it was not technologically possible.

We have another criticism of the work of those days in the software and services. Balsillie was fond of Open BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), making it popular among different platforms that were born. This is something that took place in 2013, too late to match the explosion of WhatsApp and company.

In addition to commenting on mistakes of the past, which was also responsible for – three years ago that he left his-, has chance to comment that follows using BlackBerry products. Your phone is a Bold, and still take hold of the PlayBook.