John Chen: BlackBerry Passport Demand Has Exceeded Our Expectations

BlackBerry CEO returns to be happy with the performance of their products on the market, was with the Z3, and now with the arrival of the top, BlackBerry Passport.

Chen points to a higher demand than expected for the device, clearly focused on the professional market. In fact, they consider that their product only interested in 30% of potential buyers, those who use Passport as a work tool.
“I’m happy with that there are problems to meet the demand with Passport, it means that people want the phone. Is also true that we have been quite conservative with the production”- John Chen, CEO, BlackBerry

If we take a look to the glorious past of the company, sold more than 50 million units in 2010, but if we go to 2013, the figure barely reaches to 15 million. Chen believed to go back to the previous philosophy, at least can make them stop bleeding.

As we have understood, it has been decided to increase the production of Passport, even begin the development of a sequel. In view of the price, we believe that the model that can be considered as “Savior” should be Classic, which will be released the coming month.

It gives the feeling of all the movements to arrive too late, or at least not enough to annoy in major markets, but the offer raised is well formed: Passport at the high-end Classic in the Middle, and Z3 in the access.