John Chen, CEO of Blackberry, Is Pronounced: Blackberry Do Not Compete in Number of Apps

In an interview that in Re/Code, John Chen, CEO of Blackberry, talk long and hard about the State of the current company, the market and your competition. And a great holder: BlackBerry cannot compete with Google Play or iTunes Store.

So says the own Chen in the interview, stating simply devices Blackberry do not have enough apps to cope with other platforms that already have more than a million and a half of apps, while BlackBerry is around half a million, counting the native BB along with the around 400,000 available through Amazon App Store. Despite this, the differences are extremely spacious.

While it is true that Chen said that this is one of their main problems, Blackberry intends to continue in the phone market provided that the economic accounts permitted. And for now still working on it, but it also makes it clear that the time, patience and money are not unlimited and that if they can not draw economic performance to the market, they will have to abandon it. Something like what we mentioned the other day: if they do not sell phones, touch change strategy.

If I can’t make money on the phone, I will be out of that telephone handset business. There is a timeline; I won’t tell you when.

One of the keys here are future projects, mainly where Blackberry Venice, with native Android sounds too hard and perhaps one of the last cartridges from the company to retrieve the lost all these years ground. On Venice Chen has not been ruled directly and I am afraid that officially only know something when Blackberry as a company present the product, something that could happen during the month of November.