John Chen Is Sure That BlackBerry Will Be Profitable Selling Phones

While the market shares of BlackBerry they tend to zero, even in markets that historically have done very well, John Chen, still thinking that you can be profitable selling phones. The CEO believes that we must learn to understand his new role in the industry.

In results made public, you could see that BlackBerry sold 1.6 million phones in one quarter. I do not kill compare with Apple, I do it as the extreme case, with 61.2 million telephones in the same period.

John Chen is not by defeated, in an interview with Business Insider, the honcho declares that the business responsible for creating the Canadian company phones, will be profitable. For leaving the basic idea is to understand that they create phones and secure networks, and no one makes them in that competition.

Security and businesses move away from the domestic market

therefore the “target” is not a user of a foot, But companies and Governments, as many had clear. Put us the example of the U.S. military, using BlackBerry, and if the firm does not update and create new phones, lose that customer.

The question is to make profits in smaller volumes of customers. Worry about market share, and work as a company seeking profitability in who needs security, also in who seeks representation in their products.

“We can become a safer element to an iPhone, but it will never be as much as a BlackBerry device”

Chen seen in the Passport a key piece, since it has worked better than previous models with BlackBerry 10, and is a special model in design, technology, and possibilities.

There is too much new in the message, Neither gives more specific details on the strategy to follow, but it is always well see how the CEO–in his 18 months in office – facing situations with optimism.

Although it seems that you have reacted in time, because long ago BlackBerry realized that It is impossible to sell to the level that Samsung or Apple do not, even names like HTC or Motorola succeed. Choose a different path seems the best alternative.