Killer USB Flash Drive

A USB stick can grill a computer: the dangerous gadget developed by a Russian hacker. Named USB Killer, it shows once again that we should not connect anything to the machine.

“I read an article about a guy who stole a USB key into the subway. She was lying in the outside pocket of the bag of another type. There was marked 128 above. The guy went home, inserted it into his computer and the key has blown. So, he wrote over 129 and put the key in the outside pocket of her bag . ” This is the story that inspired a Russian hacker calling himself Dark Purple to invent the Killer USB, USB able to put a decommissioned computer.

On his blog, he explains in detail how he did it. The key contains a plurality of capacitors and a DC / DC converter. When the key is connected to a computer, the capacitors charge, then the converter returns the energy stored to the machine, and then the capacitors begin to charge. The cycle continues until the USB key is removed from the port … or until the computer eventually grilling.

“One of my colleagues comparing it to an atomic bomb: it’s cool to have it, but he did not use it,” summarizes the hacker. The latter did not in the idea of using it but still gives the recipe to design one. As often, the idea is mainly to highlight the fact that it is possible to do much harm to a computer through what resembles in appearance to a USB key. It therefore recommended to never use a USB key of unknown origin: if it does not burn out for sure a computer, it may nevertheless contain a virus, for example.