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When you first turn the Kindle fire HD 8.9 it is clear that the online retailer has designed the Tablet PC primarily as revenue engine for the own shop: the setting up of the equipment works like already in the seven inch predecessor model only with an ID, about an existing account. EBooks purchased at & co. can easily transfer to the device. However, is the only one directly accessible sales platform for apps, music and eBooks. The Google play store does not recognise the Kindle: who wants to purchase apps, must download them on another device, then via USB cable, and the Kindle settings under device, installation of applications enable the entry. Quite beautifully awkward and very annoying!

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the nine-inch display is a real highlight: with its 1920 x 1200 pixels it is very sharp even small fonts and is playing full HD video in full resolution. Handy for video benefit for two: the Kindle delivers regular sound even without ear plugs. The built-in stereo speakers offer no fidelity, rich but loosely for TV shows and Internet phone calls.

Ordinary tempo has the processor in the Kindle fire while only he is two computing cores (dual-core) in everyday use but hardly more slowly than competitors who work with a four-core Tegra 3 processor (quad-core). Online trips with the tablet to run over the server: as Internet pages appear brisk. That worked in the test not always: less well-known sides built up slower.

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Kindle fire HD offers 8.9 in two memory variants: with 16 gigabyte Tablet PC costs 269 euro. For performance, it’s cheap. If you need more space, should pay 50 euro (prices: was April 2013) and the 32-gigabyte model to buy, because memory cards can not insert themselves. In the display, the Kindle displays ads. Who don’t want to see that, once must pay 15 euro. And who the unit instead of using the USB cable power adapter wants to load, must buy the extra (in the package with the Kindle otherwise €20, 10). Is also quite expensive: so costs about a matching cover approximately 45 euro.

Test: Kindle Fire HD (7 Inch)
Great Display, easy to use, everything on Board, what is needed in everyday Life: The Fire HD is convinced but almost completely on bound.

Review conclusion: what you should know

The Kindle fire HD 8.9 has a great display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels that is easy to use and has everything on board, what is needed in everyday life: technically impressive of the Tablet PC, however, requires register for set up. Order this product at Pro micro HDMI high resolution long battery life housing scratch-resistant against account required camera poor no UMTS memory not expandable Testrating editorial 2.48 good users rating now evaluate alternative: Acer Iconia B1 8 GB

Who is looking for a cheap device for entry into the Tablet world, never mind with the Acer Iconia B1 wrong. The Tablet PC is great for surfing, as small game console, and as an eBook reader.