Kyocera Torque (KC-S701) in the Test

The Kyocera torque competes as a super rugged Android Smartphone. It delighted in the test with clever outdoor features and powerful Smartphone features.

The Japanese manufacturer Kyocera is well known in this country primarily for printer, but now also the outdoor Smartphone torque KC S701 is in Germany (EIA 449 euros) available. Not just a little for a newcomer – let’s see whether he is worth his money.

Tough guy with many buttons

The torque comes quite martial in his screwed outfit – the consequence is, that you can change the battery do not on their own. The combination of hard rubber, metal and plastic is quite visually pleasing, if also the high weight of 180 grams and the height of rich 14 millimeters handling adversity the be spotting in the chapter. Like the Samsung, also the torque has an IP68 and MIL-STD-810 G certification and is therefore dust – and waterproof and quite resistant at falling. However the Smartphone are protected interfaces with rubber covers here against water and dirt, the Samsung does not. The test pattern worked the retaining lugs for the rubber covers on headphones, micro-USB, and nano – SIM / micro SD slot not very robust and long-term stable. In the laboratory even a tab is demolished, the cover has worked but nevertheless always faultlessly. Here it is to be so cautious.

In contrast to many of the current smartphones, the torque has also several keys. Are not only a / from-, volume – and the three Android buttons on the front as Hardkeys running, but there is also own pushers for the camera, a special user-definable function and hands-free on the front side. Especially the latter is really a clever thing.

“Attractive” display

Also in the display, Kyocera is a no compromise and bought a 4.5-inch display with HD resolution and a radiance of enormous 590 cd/m2 the torque. The screen even in very bright environments can be very well read. A particularly exciting feature is called smart Sonic receiver. Thanks to this function, it can call is also in a very noisy environment. Are you like that? Instead of using a speaker working torque with an actuator, which puts the display in vibration and vibration. Placing the ear completely on the screen, greatly reduces the ambient noise and the phone call can be easy.

The remaining technology can 1.4 GHz faster quad-core CPU, 2 GB working and nearly 11 GB of user memory, LTE, HSPA +, AC really see Wi-FI and a snapshot-capable 8-megapixel camera quick let.

Correctly, trouble has been Kyocera in the user interface for the torque. The Android 4.4.2 model has an own appearance. So there is attractive and practical widgets such as barometer, to discover the compass or Dura grid with large icons, and also the main menu has an own look. Only the notification display looks like native Android with their quick access function. Worth mentioning, even the extensively configurable eco mode, the various when the low battery power guzzlers such as Bluetooth and Wi-FI is disabled.

Strong performance in the laboratory

In the own laboratory the chaff separates connect as we know from the wheat – and especially newcomers often ruffle feathers. Not so Kyocera torque.

The engineers have done a good job: the device offers talk times of less than 32 hours in the GSM and about 10 hours in the UMTS usage. Looks even better performance for the transmission and reception properties: here surprised the torque with a total 69 of 75 accessible points. Only in the case of the telephony acoustic light noise may disturb sensitive natures, but for the Kyocera can await you with the current loudest handsfree, we know in the Smartphone sector. The producer speaks of 100 dB, we can confirm incredible 97 dB.

It’s called probably a cost to measure. Kyocera torque is perfect for use at work or in the recreational area equipped on the sagging rubber covers. Will complete the outdoor hammer-a great display and many practical tools.