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Hardly to believe the week is already around again and again the Sunday is there. Meanwhile you know what that means, time for the lifestyle Sunday. This is the second issue in September, but do not worry two more follow this month. Furthermore there are still interesting contributions in the next week, among others from the IAA. Man (n) may be strained!

Asics Tiger Sneakers

But now, as always, the latest trends and styles are summarized in an article. You can submit suggestions for interesting content via the contact form. But now have fun with the lifestyle Sunday.
The German StartUp Gloment has set itself the task of visualizing visions. In this way, you give the viewer the opportunity to visualize their own visions daily, to motivate them to work towards them.Through the daily discussion or consideration of the specific goals, one concentrates every day to work to reach them.

Even I could test the visualization of my visions last week and must say I am very enthusiastic about the service. First choose the size and the color of his vision poster from Gloment. An email will then be sent, which leads to a questionnaire with ten questions. The answers are answered calmly, alternatively in English or German and are then sent, on the basis of the answers, a first draft of the poster by PDF. This can be adjusted up to three times from the layout. After release, it comes into the pressure.

So that you can visualize your visions, Gloment gave me the opportunity to give three vouchers among my readers. Just answer me the following question in the comments until next Saturday, 19.09. -“Give me your quote, which always motivates you anew.” Of all submitted comments, the coincidence decides.

In everyday life, there are already some practical accessories that make everyday life easier for us and make tasks easier to manage. For this I would also include the MOKEY Key Organizer. This is a kind of Swiss pocket knife only for keys. The practical accessory is made of aluminum and has several keys and other important things without problems. It is worth mentioning that every production step takes place on German soil. For further information, please visit the MOKEY website.

Slowly but surely we must finally say goodbye to the summer. Asics Tiger tries to make us a little easier and brings the Winter Trail Pack to the start. This consists of three sneakers, in muted, dark colors. The Winter Trail Pack is based on a Gel Saga, a Gel Lyte V and a Gel Lyte III – the latter of which is my favorite. More visual impressions are available – the sneakers from 18.09.available.

“At some point, I stopped counting how often men ask for Bond suits. The current generation, like my grandfather, is oriented to the style of the secret ”

Anna Ullrich-Cattien, owner and founder of The Bloke, was already able to make this experience many times. Now that Bond’s new film is coming to theaters, these requests are likely to be more topical than ever.

Gray pinstripe with handkerchief, black classic upgraded by a fancy piccadilly collar and white dinnerjacket with a wide lapel such a thing can not only wear Bond, but also the modern man from next door. If it is something quite different, not a problem, finally, The Bloke manufactures according to your wishes.

Not only in the area of ​​the sneakers there are cooperations, also in the fashion area this fits quite well. Thus, two well-known brands: PME Legend and Breitling have found and joined together. Not surprising, as both manufacturers combine the same brand philosophy: a philosophy for intrepid adventurers – for real men.

Breitling is known for its high-quality and robust products. Values ​​that the luxury brand combines with the airfreight-inspired fashion maker PME Legend. Under extreme conditions, a pilot must be able to rely on his clothes and instruments. PME Legend and Breitling create an ideal combination of both worlds.

The first tangible result of this collaboration is a winning chance at a Breitling Navitimer in conjunction with the purchase of a Hudson Bomberlederjacke from PME Legend. The action runs from September to the end of December 2015. So I keep my fingers crossed for the buyers of the Hudson Bomberlederjacke!

Earlier this week, Hermès Le Manifeste d’Hermès, a website devoted exclusively to the Hermès gentlemen, was launched, ready-to-wear, shoes, leather goods, ties. Le Manifeste brings imagination and poetry into everyday life and proposes idealistic lists, which stand out from the usual shopping lists, best lists, checklists and to-do lists, thus extending the men’s day ideas.

At Le Manifeste, new and amusing lists are always being released that allow the man to view and classify every single outfit or accessory from Hermès. Definitely an interesting idea to introduceyour own products, you can mash it, can not you?

The Spektrum Automatic from the watch factory Junghans impresses with its clear design, which is sporty and robust. From the outside you get a 3-pointer clock face; Inside, a mechanical movement guarantees independence from any energy sources. This sporty men’s watch is the ideal partner for all that is fun: a sporty serpentine ride, a rapid downhill, but also the climb to the next summit.

A total of three different models are available from this fashionable time recorder. The most elegant model is kept in cool shades and attracts attention even on professional occasions. The orange elements and the matte ceramics provide dynamic accents. The most sporty model convinces with a synthetic rubber band. One has the impression that in the sports, in the leisure time or in the everyday life, the Spektrum Automatic can not stop anything.
You can really be inspired by almost everything. The kaki fruit served as a model for this sneaker, especially in the Asian region, which has a thousand years of history as a medicinal and crop plant, which can strengthen paper, repel water, impregnate wood and kill bacteria.

In addition to the properties already mentioned, the fermented juice of immature kakis-known as ‘kakishibu’ in Japan-is used as a natural, skin-friendly colorant for substances. Changing shades in brown, which in the sunlight still gain in intensity and depth of color instead of fading, are the result of the applied dyeing method, which was also used in the exceptional Gel-Lyte III “Kakishibu” .This will come for 150,00 € in the famous sneaker shops.
Just in time for the autumn/winter of 2015, Barbour launched the “Great Coat” line for men. This places her focus on winter styles with warming function. The “Great Coat” line for men is based on Barbour ‘s time as an outfitter of the British military. Functional wax, quilting and woolen jackets as well as coarse knit sweaters and cardigans are the distinguishing features of the collection. Check out the collection at HOTICLE.COM.
Personally, I am not the snow lover par excellence, speak, from time to time a round of skiing is in it, but does not have to be every weekend. One thing, however, is certain, should it turn around anyway, I will have to re-arrange myself also in matters of ski clothing. Watching the market, the Mountain Force stands out with its sporty, elegant and highly technical ski outfits.

This makes a clear and figurative cut, coupled with bright colors, high-quality materials and precise processing. Technical features, such as the 12-way stretch, offer the athlete an unrestricted freedom of movement and thus enable a top performance on the slopes.
According to the company’s own statement, the Izzy Multiroom System is one of the most exciting new features of Philips at the International Radio Exhibition in Berlin. Same sound for everyone, or each one for themselves – the new Multiroom System from Philips lets individual sound wishes come true in every room of your own four walls. The loudspeakers are controlled directly on the speakers themselves, the sound is streamed via Bluetooth from virtually any audio source.

With two different speakers Philips starts the new line, the compact Philips Izzy BM5 (179 €) and the technically versed Philips Izzy BM50 (279 €) are freely combinable and come in the color versions black, white and cream. Definitely no reinvention of the bike, you know so from other companies, but nice, that is something on the market and so new devices with cheaper prices to these come.
The Esperos brand from Austin, Texas was founded by Oliver Shuttlesworth in 2012, and the company attaches great importance to the quality of its own products as well as high ethical standards in its manufacturing process. I find it particularly good that with every sold bag one year of schooling is financed for children in developing countries.

The name of the brand refers to the word origin esperar, which in Spanish means “hope”. With the expressive claim-carry hope, Esperos transports the mission of the founder, Shuttlesworth, to offer a timeless, modern pocket collection while finding a sustainable solution to the problems of children in developing countries.

The Levi’s Commuter collection has been featured on the blog for some time now, this season focusing on exclusive natural fiber blends, ergonomic cuts and technological updates that maximize performance on the bike and in everyday life.

As a special collection, Levi’s presents a work jacket made from waxed cotton from the Scottish spinning factory Halley Stevenson, which has been producing fabrics for more than 150 years. In addition, Merinowolle appears for the first time in the program, which helps cyclists to stabilize the micro climate quickly thanks to their natural, heat-regulating properties. The collection is now available online.