Learn About the Benefits of a Smartphone Dual Chip

Today, it is already possible to use a smartphone with more of a chip. Many people may wonder if there is really any advantage in using a mobile phone with support for two chips or if this is not only unnecessary expenses. The truth is that will depend on the use that the consumer makes of the instrument. In many cases, especially when it comes to work, there is an advantage yes. Check out in this post, the benefits of using a smartphone dual chip!

Learn About the Benefits of a Smartphone Dual Chip 1

The market dual chip

The apparatus, dual chip had a considerable increase in sales in recent years. Today, they occupy approximately 70% of the total market of devices. In this way, the manufacturers of mobile phones are increasingly invested in products that would support multiple chips.

Reasons for the success of dual chip

Several factors have come together in the development and success of dual chip between the mobile phone users. One of the most important is the predominance of prepaid plans and the cost of the connections in these plans. Calls between operators different usually cost more expensive, and the output that the user encounters is the pursuit of promotions to link between numbers of the same operator.

Learn About the Benefits of a Smartphone Dual Chip 2

Advantages of dual-chip

One can cite several advantages. Unlike you may think some consumers, the smartphone dual chip can be more economical. If a device supports two chips, each carrier has their promotions, which the user enjoys the benefits of both. As the promotions are different among the operators, it is possible to choose those that are advantageous between the two carriers and, at the end of everything, have a final bill reduced. Everything will depend on the analysis of offers and the most suitable choice. Professionals who already have a known number of its customers and, at the same time, wish to upgrade you can keep the chip the old and purchase a new SIM card to use in the same device. Another benefit that can be cited is the use of two chips of a same carrier, but each with a DDD of a town or different state (so, possibly, will reduce the account for both the owner of the device, and for those who make calls to it). The smartphone dual chip offers, in addition to the possibility of the use of two different numbers, the access to the multimedia features characteristic of that product. Consider also, the internet access, which may work out cheaper through the use of a mobile dual chip.

Learn About the Benefits of a Smartphone Dual Chip 3

Brands and models of dual chip

Already there are many mobile phones and smartphones with two chips offered in the brazilian market:

  • Bike And (smartphone of Motorola, with updated version of Android);
  • Moto G (smartphone from Motorola, a company that is considered the best in Brazil when it takes into account the benefit-cost ratio);
  • Line L (phones from LG that involve L3 II, L5 II and L7 II);
  • G Pro Lite (smartphone, LG);
  • Galaxy Note 3 Neo Duos (smartphone from Samsung, the company that operates well in the emerging market);
  • Galaxy S4 Mini Duos (smartphone Samsung);
  • Xperia C (smartphone size large manufactured by Sony).

Are different brands and models of smartphones dual chip, there is something for all tastes. You already have your cell phone with two chips? What is the brand that you chose?

Is finding it advantageous to use a dual chip rather than a device of a single chip? Comment below, leave your opinion on the subject and pass your tip for other readers interested!