Learn Why Apple Didn’t Use the Name ‘ ‘ Your Smart Watch to Iwatch

When Apple announced in September last year the your first smartwatch clock, everyone thought the product name would be “iWatch” given the company’s tradition in this type of nomenclature. However, Apple decided to go with the name “Apple Watch”, which left many people surprised. But do you know why this choice? They say the web does all this have to do with records that mark in many parts of the world.

Basically, the name “iWatch” was really protected by patents and trademark registrations in several countries, including the UNITED STATES and the European Union, two of the largest Apple markets in the world. So, instead of buying the same brand in different regions, Apple decided to bypass all this with a simple name: “Watch”.

Basic Name

As it comes to a name that already means a manufacturing sector (clock), no one could ask for his record and turn it trademark. There Apple just put an “Apple” in front and got a unique brand for you. However, there are still obstacles. In Switzerland, a company called “Timepieces” has the rights to the trademark “Apple Watch”. That way, the new Apple smartwatches cannot be sold there until this impediment.

This strategy to avoid spending on trademarks in the case of Apple Watch is somewhat different. The release of the first iPhone and iPad, Apple submitted to buy the two brands in various regions of the world. Here in Brazil, there were problems with the name “iPhone”, it was owned by the gradient.

Although this story be the most likely reason for this nomination different to the Apple Watch, there is no official confirmation from the watch manufacturer.