Lenovo Yoga 2 Anypen in the Test

Write with what is now at hand: the Yoga Tablet 2 Anypen accepts almost any writer, which is conductive material in the test.

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Who are will appreciate the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Anypen by your own forgetfulness or the empty battery in a special pen from the rest wants to get. While tablets require previously expensive special pens between 15 and 50 euro for successful sketches or notes in calligraphy, the 8-incher with Lenovo’s Anypen technology in the test accepts any pen-like device that lying in the area, and is at least minimally conductive.

Pen input with knives and scissors

But rules out a plastic ruler and the wooden spoon, but you can use filler, pencil and pen as well such as spoon, fork or knife. Without excessive force you must not worry about scratches, that showed the tip of a knife in the test. Although not a pleasant feeling of writing gave their hardness, the own handwriting is but even so recognizable. And whether real pen or donor record: points can with a narrow lace place better and more easily continue interrupted lines.

Anypen pen input


  • independent of special stylus
  • regardless of the software
  • reliable implementation of the input
  • no power supply needed
  • no extra costs


  • no different pen thicknesses
  • Erasers and other tools menu (No button for additional functions)


You don’t need a special program. Unlike the ultrasonic technology in the HP Pro Slate 8 (Test) the detection on the Windows Tablet with any software, the input with the finger works accepted. Is currently installed on the Tablet Windows 8.1, the update to the version 10 announced for summer will be free of charge.

How many current Windows tablets is also the Yoga Tablet 2 Anypen a free license for an Offic 365 personal annual subscription with PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and the notes software one touch include. The separate tablet version of one note is free in the Windows store and will be usable even if the subscription is not renewed. With Bing maps are there only an online navigation in the delivery condition. To install an offline solution, such as the free software here maps, you can thanks to integrated GPS despite missing modem but track on scheduled routes and reschedule. The free disk space should range from approximately 20 gigabytes for the download of the required offline maps.

Design and housing

Another advantage of Yoga tablets with Anypen technology is the variable placement of the family known. Set, set, set – and also – are not a problem. For the last variant of the base, which is part of the tablets and therefore also never at home can be forgotten, missed an eye-still got. No current Tablet can be so easy- or accommodate.

When cooking you can not browse though with the wooden spoon, but with cutting or paring knife. As a mini video screen the yoga can be hang Tablet 2 also on a wall nail, with two speakers left and right of the screen with Dolby Digital deliver good sound to the picture.

Laboratory measurements

The easy-grip hinge in the hand is browsing in portrait mode. However the Tablet dwarf with 431 grams is not easy; because once again, also a big battery inside the thick cylinder of the hinge. Whose 6400 mAh strong energy pump provided in the connect-endurance test for 9:48 hours, that the Yoga Tablet 2 AnyKey a very give good results in this discipline.


In the other hardware facilities, Yoga makes 2 but not too many tricks. Among other things, the possibilities of the mobile data transfer and an HDMI output are missing.


Lenovo also when the price keeps the ball flat and gets only 250 euro for the versatile tablet. Also the choice of materials is true: hinge and stand are made of dark aluminium, the rear easy-grip plastic, both are stylishly coordinated. Discreet shiny edges in the aluminum sector underline the quality look.