Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro Im Test

Accessories included: the stand made of metal is so great that the Smartphone in case of need can have from what part of the construction, the battery. Finest extra of Lenovo Yoga tab 3 Pro: a video projector in the hinge of the stand, which is also still very quiet. We have tested the tablet.

To say it with Apple: this is the best Yoga tablet that ever existed. The phrase, like used Tim Cook during the launch of new Apple gadgets, he let not protect fortunately. Because other companies are on perfect product maintenance. Already in the third generation Yoga itself apart tablet with lots of extras from the crowd. There, the unusual shape with the cylindrical handle would be first. Alone here there is more in it than is apparent at first glance. And every year Lenovo puts something on it.

But in turn. If Yoga tablet you don’t know: the cylinder and the sturdy metal stand attached, Lenovo defines four modes of use: holding (actually the 660 grams heavy Tablet best of the hinge can be touch, where his focus), lying in the writing position, standing for movies or presentations and hanging. For the latter, the stand has an opening specially. From the second generation, the Pro version of Yoga tabs also has a projector that showed tab 2 away at the yoga pro starr left of the tablet.

In yoga tab 3 Pro he is now centered on the hinge and is also flexible with this. So the projection screen for presentations in the small circle, vacation pictures or videos continuously from the opposite wall can be, moved up to the ceiling which can be a very viable option on the sofa or in the hotel room.

Innovative video projector

With its 50 lumens, projector under good conditions, i.e. not too bright light, from three to four meters away throws a good visible picture of approximately 70 inches on the wall. The lower the distance, all the more stronger and sharper it is naturally, also the focus via a software switch can be adjusted.

Advantage compared to normal, smaller projectors: Lenovo cinema is noise-free – what surprised and pleasantly striking. Also, mobile projectors hold out only two to three hours. The tab 3 Pro and plays against iron man part 1-3 despite extra length in one go by. Longer even than the six and a half hours of streaming with active projector Yoga mixed use in tablet mode is his man: outstanding ten hours of endurance test in the laboratory certified.

The hinge of the key to success is once again, because there is room for much energy: 10,200 milliamps are spread because of the projector on two batteries, a prior and one behind the projector technology. Sitting between cylinder and display a JBL sound bar with four speakers. Dolby Atmos is responsible for realistic sounds, although it only unfold over a connected home theatre system.

Practical in everyday life

The high-resolution QHD display of flexible Tablet proved itself in everyday life, not least thanks to some convenience functions. As the color temperature by changing the position adapts to the use forecast by the Tablet and ensures gentle eye colors when holding and reading, while the picture in the level / cinema mode is cool.

The display itself is scratch-resistant and has a touch layer feinmaschigere compared to conventional screens. Out of each app a tool to draw can also be via the sidebar enable – then the screen freezes without further ADO and with notes can be provided – no stylus at hand is every any conductive object does it. Compatible, also third party apps can be launched in Windows.

So it is possible to throw a video on the projector on the wall, and to work in another app on the tablet. Frequent switching between multiple open apps slows the system however, 2 gigabytes of memory are not enough for this purpose. In normal operation, streaming and demanding apps and games in high resolution for Intel’s X 5-Z8500 are no problem, whose chip set graphics is already based on the HD graphics of Intel’s chips Broadwell.

Top in the laboratory

In the laboratory, the tab convinced 3 Pro with very good values and superior endurance. Although the optics in the test is irrelevant: the non-slip artificial leather of the back like, and anyway, there are points for the all round good processing. When handling the Lenovo forfeits for its high weight of 660 gram points; who appreciate the versatile uses, is to live with it. At the end of the tab 3 Pro earned a “good” and a clear purchase recommendation. However, quality has also its price: the Wi-Fi variant, 600 euros 500 euros with LTE.