LG Appoints a New CEO to Strengthen Its Mobile Division

LG, while continues to invest money in search for innovative smartphones, is not at its best, and is that the mobile division carries a whopping of six consecutive quarters accumulated losses, This maa starting streak in the second quarter of last year. Since their latest products have not had the expected success, they have opted for a change in the dome.

This is how the mobile division of LG aims to Jo Seong-Jin as the chosen to run the business and take it to a time, at a minimum, better that that carries through from year and a half ago. This measure they hope that LG Mobile DT and dispose of continuous losses generated in recent times.

The rise of Jo to sole CEO of LG mobile division It means the end of triple-CEO structure (in reality are a CEO, a co-CEO and a Chief Operating Officer) who was taking so far, while maintaining to Cho Jun-Ho as the current head of the mobile division, at least during the coming year. With this they hope to trace the bad results harvested with the LG G5.

The first flagship of the manufacturer It harvested a 23% fall in sales in the last quarter, a disastrous figure for a company of its size, but while LG V20 has helped to improve those numbers, LG was not obliged to go to Jo Seong-Jin and her good make appliances to direct the mobile section. Will it manage to recover the manufacturer with this measure? Perhaps in a year let us know.