LG G4 in the Test

LG presents a stylish Smartphone with a back cover made of genuine leather with the G4. The performance of the optics candle in the test?

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The Koreans decorate the LG G4, their new flagship model with a backrest made of fine leather. Whether the chic G4 so actually can sit down, it must demonstrate in the test.

Case: leather back raises desires

The first impression is definitely, because the LG G4 is located with its curved design and the rounded sides good grip in the hand; during a telephone conversation, it nestles on the cheek. But above all the fine leather back solves the tester – and certainly not just him – the will I have!-Reflex out.

The metallo test pattern offers a fine, edited by hand leather surface with a double stitching characteristic for the LG G4 in the middle of the cover. The version also in red offers these fine surface, while the black leather model with a strong grain. The seam is common to all however. Finally, even a plastic back cover in gold is included in the G4 in the leather dress.

Clever: spenders get cheaper 50 euros the G4 without leather cover and then can white out the colors, gold and silver dial. These plastic covers, also fell with its metallic look, not approaching but the really terrific feel of the leather-G4 models by far.

Display: Fantastic contrast values

Technically, the G4 is more an evolution of the LG G3 (Test) as something hilariously new. Measures the IPS display protected by gently curved Gorilla glass from scratching also 5.5 inches on the diagonal and dissolves fine 1440 x 2560 pixel quad-HD.

The brightness is good 376 cd/m2, remains however but significantly behind the 477 cd/m2 of its predecessor. However, the strong contrast in bright surroundings and especially the excellent representation, which is almost as good as with the here leading Samsung- Galaxy S6 (Test) and S6 Edge (Test)are much more important. Content look crisp-sharp on the G4, the colors are natural. Movies, pictures and games are at adequate quality to optical treat.

Processor: Enough power

LG at the G4 is the 64-bit platform Qualcomm MSM8992 his performance. This has six cores that are quickly clocked up to 1.8 GHz. To join the whopping 3 gigabytes of memory. The G4 so although not at the front is the relevant benchmarks, but the performance ranges easily for any everyday activity including multitasking to dual window: this two functions can be parallel on the screen of the G4 use. 3-D games run smoothly.

Storage: Good in the feed

Right in the feed is the freely available internal memory – with approximately 22 GB and micro-SD card, he can be extended to up to 2 TB easily and above all cheap. For this purpose, as well as for the battery, the G4 deserves extra praise. In terms of connectivity, the Korean Smartphone offers all the important standards including LTE, HSPA + and fast ac Wi-FI.

Software: detail work on UI

LG has correctly given trouble during the revision of the user interface. So the icons of the Android 5.1 model received a modern painting, the setting menu a customized outline and operation is now more intuitive. And there are also numerous goodies and features. So you will find a folder with the name of “Management” on the icon. This app – and memory management programs as well as a battery-saving and an Battery consumption indicator include. The information service smart notice provides more information about weather or travel.

The main level bulletin smart was expanded and offers a practical quick access for six commonly used functions. These can be configure and extend via app store. Here there are to discover smart settings then location-based profiles. The G4 owners can for the situations at home, absent and accessory functions such as the audio profile, that define Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, which then automatically or be activated.

Extras: FM radio and LG health

Otherwise, the G4 has a lot to offer, as an FM radio with RDS, a nice-sounding in-ear headset with striking textile cord in red or also the organizes quick remote app, which will operate enable audio and video devices via the infrared diode of the G4. To do this he Bewegungstracker LG health together with pedometer joins.

Camera: Laser auto-focus and image stabiliser

When it comes to camera LG at the G4 is no compromise – for the best model there’s only the finest of the fine. The resolution lies in the modern 16:9-format 16 megapixels, while the camera in a 4:3-format provides less than 12 megapixels. The laser auto-focus familiar from the G3 and an improved optical image stabilizer, which should provide more reliable for wobble free pictures and also does this in the test are on board.

The smart spectrum sensor below the photo light and the F/1.8 aperture are new. The sensor ensures particularly authentic colours during the recordings, while the F/1.8 aperture captures as much brightness and delivers good pictures as well in low light conditions.

The catcher in a picture with a resolution of 8 Megapixels is used in the front-facing camera. She Knipse dominated gesture – and voice – so you can easily shoot Selfies. The G4 in fine ultra HD with 3840 x 2160 pixels to record videos.

Camera control: With histogram display

But not only the hardware LG has gas, also the user interface of the camera is cleaned up and with a highlight. So there is also a manual mode here the usual camera features such as panorama and HDR shooting, as a special feature. As the name suggests, the user here can perform all camera settings by hand. Highlight the G4 offers even a histogram display and helps to find the right exposure.

Image quality: Great pictures in any situation

The image quality of the G4 is beyond any doubt and plays in the Smartphone League, both in good and in bad light conditions. The color spectrum sensor provides amazingly real colors, while the optical image stabilizer ensure wobble-free images and especially sharp videos. A total an absolute top idea!

Laboratory measurements: Hardly any weaknesses

Not all around the subject of facilities it ran for the G4 in the in-house laboratory and connect.

The talk times are up to 25 hours in the GSM and about 10 hours in the UMTS usage at the top level, but the practical operation of mixing is only on average despite the lush 3000 mAh battery with 6:48 hours.

And mixed results showed also contribute to the transmission and reception properties. While the GSM and LTE reception is very good, a little weak the G4 in terms of UMTS. In practice, this bothered but not otherwise. The acoustics on the phone is unobtrusive and on a slight noise in the transmission direction.

Conclusion: Interesting alternative

With the G4, LG has developed an absolute top Smartphone, that represents a serious alternative in the premium segment. Its hottest competitors it differs the beautiful leather especially its so elegant as practical form and – logically -.

No other smartphone with the new G4 can keep up at this point. Screen, facilities and the great camera are also nothing to sneeze at, and last but not least, the performance of the LG device at a high level moves. Smartphone fan, what more do you want?