Log In To Online Banking With Emojis!

Do you think it is hard to remember your password? It’s not only about you. Most memory experts also agree the following: It is much easier to remember images than the letter and numbers.


The British company Intelligent Environments now have taken hold of this idea and presented a very interesting alternative to the traditional numerical code you’ll need to log in to Internet banking. Emoji-code is both more enjoyable, safer and much easier to remember. Why is it safer? Because 44 emoji-characters can give 3,498,308 password combinations, while the four figures only generates 7290 password.

There are endless possibilities when you put together your emoji-password: You can make a story, pick your favorite fruits or choose things that make you happy!

The system was basically meant to appeal to people aged 15-25, tells David Webber in Intelligent Environments, and adds that he doesn’t see any reason to bank services can’t be fun and innovative. “Of course, it is just a way to log in!”

Disadvantages of Emoji-password.

For potential hackers will this system offer problems since, in order to be able to find a code, must undergo yet more cycles than with the so-called “ordbogangreb”.

It is of course some pitfalls. People are generally lazy and choose like the easiest way. Although this kind of code is statistically harder to crack than traditional codes, it won’t help very much, if you choose the first four emojis or emojis in every corner, when to put together his password.