Logitech S315i Tested

Logitech Portable speakers are able to provide you with sound during a day at the beach on battery power. But watch out for the power saver mode.

There are a lot of accessories that will enhance or amplify the sound in the small media players. Logitech s315i actually consists only of an oblong, puffy box of speakers. In the middle there is a docking hatch that opens a hole for your Iphone or Ipod while forming a support on the back when flexed.

When folded, it looks most like an oblong couch pillow. It is clearly too large to fit in your Pocket if you don’t go around in the finish and has a hefty bag into the Pocket on the leg.

Raised on the table gives it a sleeker appearance, at the front just grates and music player, the buttons on and off, and volume has been stashed on the back. But they are positioned so that there is easy access to the controls.

The most interesting thing is of course the sound, and there goes the opinions of the editors a bit apart. Okay someone says, tinny says some others, when we hooked up an Iphone and plays The Hives.

A bit in between, I think, okay to be a little gadget with speakers, but slightly tinny anyway. But it can still listen quite low volume with decent quality and listen out loud at full without sound bursts. The last hanging, of course together with the maximum volume is not so super high. Logitech does not talk about how many Watts the speakers are on, but at full volume it is not high so that it disturbs.

When someone calls fade the volume down, but unfortunately it is not possible to use the s315i as speakerphone, so you’ll have to peel it from the slot if you want to talk.

You can connect the music gadgets you want with a cord to a 3.5 mm input on the back. IPhone and Ipod connectivity in the dock on the front without using any adaptor.

Either run with AC adapter or use the built-in batteries. When you run with the cord is charging your Iphone or Ipod. On battery operation the appliance should keep 10 hours, but there is also a saving mode that will let the tough on for 20 hours. With that setting, however, we are in agreement that s315i sounds really boring. To listen long is not recommended – it just gets a prolonged torment.

The benefits are the shape of the speaker thing and that sound still is decently good. The disadvantages are that it has limited functions (I would have liked to have seen that also served as the speaker phone) at a price which is still pretty high. Listen you lot where there is no power, it can be justified. Should you have something at home, you should go for something with better sound.