Major upgrade to Siri: Will Understand You 9 out of 10 Times

A major overhaul is on its way to Apple’s digital assistant Siri. Now it will understand long sentences.

“Hi Siri, where is the nearest child-friendly grill restaurant? “-asks you today Siri on this, Apple’s Digital Assistant does not understand what you are looking for, the response from the Assistant would therefore read: ‘what kind of business are you looking for’.

There is therefore a long way to go before Siri can act as a signpost in everyday life, but with the acquisition of the company VocalIQ last fall, is expected to be markedly better Siri in the near future.

Sources close to the development team behind British VocalIQ, confirm Business Insider that the company is close to a breakthrough when it comes to understanding longer sentences and their content.

Significantly better than Google

In internal tests copes with Siri with VocalIQ-technology significantly better than its competitors, when prompted enter the following: “Find the nearest child-friendly Chinese restaurant with free parking and WiFi”.

With the new technology on board understand Siri to give a correct answer in 9 out of 10 cases, a significant development for the current Siri, Google Now and Cortana as today only responds to the kind of queries in 2 out of 10 time.

As with the market’s other digital assistants is the machine learning which lie behind the assistants. Each time the services used understands the assistants to improve their responses on each trial – a process that requires millions of user queries.

For VocalIQ has managed to improve the process of with much less input from users. After just 3,000 conversations the company managed to overtake Siri, in spite of the over 1 billion weekly Siri-queries.

Understand contexts

A new feature in the upcoming VocalIQ-enhanced Siri is the ability to better understand the contexts of Siri-searches.

Do you have a follow-up question to a search, taken the previous dialog. Are you following the earlier inquiry after a Chinese restaurant with an additional query as “Find a Mexican restaurant instead ‘ acknowledge the new Siri with a recommendation that remembers to børnevenlighed as well as free parking and WiFi were a must.

Apple’s rumored also to have a Siri-ekviperet Assistant to the home, as a response to Google’s Home and Amazon’s Echo.

Launch next month likely

When the new Siri will find their way to your iPhone, is not spelled out, but Apple has a habit of introducing beta versions of new iOS versions and features at WWDC-fair which this year will debut on 13 November. June.