Many Users Are Complaining About A New Problem With The iPhone 6 Plus

A month ago, we wrote about the #bendgate and another iPhone 6 Plus-problem, and so arose #dyegate … Now write multiple sources about a new problem.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus problem

iPhone 6 Plus was presented during the Keynote 2014, along with iPhone 6, and already the first weekend iPhone 6 editions were on the market, Apple set new records and succeeded in selling 10 million copies. Both iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6 has very good specifications, so it is not surprising that they have become so popular. But on the other hand, wrote various sources about various problems with the iPhone 6 editions. From multiple users who experienced that their iPhone 6 Plus was bent in the Pocket (#bendgate), to other users who experienced that their jeans stained the white plastic parts on the back of the iPhone 6 (#dyegate).

Part users believe that it is unfair, and that all try to find errors and highlight them (only) because it comes to Apple products, while others believe that such errors are unacceptable and they make fun of Apple.

Start iPhone 6 Plus over and over again for no reason?

According to Apple’s own forum saw several American customers who have an iPhone 6 Plus on 128 GB to phablet suddenly crashes, or that it starts over and over again for no reason. And in addition, claims a portion of the affected users, they also experienced the same thing with the iPhone 6 Plus-models they got as compensation. Error relates to probably the software, and all the users who experienced this problem had tons of different apps installed on their mobiles. Since the problem probably has something to do with the software, it is possible that Apple comes up with a solution, but they have not commented on the new problems yet.

Exaggerating people, or do you think that such errors are unacceptable?